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I am yet to read the book by this sites authors (I have ordered it), however, everything I have read and watched online points to having the issue dismissed before it even goes to court. As Debbie said above, you have to know the right WORDS.

Bill Turner in NZ (and others) have a lot of videos on YouTube in relation to taking control of the courtroom from the start. There are some really good videos online regarding Glossa and challenging the text on the documents sent by the court or any corporation trying to force control over you. Romley-Stewart in Cairns has backed out of his surname, and it does not appear an easy ride, but ultimately, we want to live with freedom. I know I have had enough of all the lies.

But the guy in that article appears to have accepted their offer to contract by not responding to the presentments from the ATO in the first place and then subsequently. Not responding within 3 days of receipt can be deemed as silent agreement to the offer of contract. We need to rebut and question. Bill Turner also shares how if you rebut/object/ ask for clarification from a judge on a point 3x times, he is then required to leave the courtroom. ‘He who leaves the battle first, loses’. So you then declare that clearly, and state that the case is dismissed. This works in NZ, not sure if it works in Australia. But again, if it gets as far as the courtroom, then you must have missed something in the preceding documents that could have stopped it all.

Not only is the Aust Judicial system corrupt, the entire banking system is corrupt and based on contract law. This is a good site to read ( … it will reveal how bad everything really is!