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Helena Smirnis

Hi Kellie and Nic,

there is a place called “Magpie House Wholistic Place of Yogaplex Yoga School” in Upwey, Melbourne, that is run by a lovely man called George. There are events there every Friday night and Pauly Monteith is usually there.
Go on their Facebook page of the same name to see upcoming events. l went to last Friday’s event called “Foundation Law” which was very interesting and Pauly was there and have been to their “Lawfull Spirit” Events.

l know that Lawfully we do not need Registration and Licence to Travel but the Police are Ignorant and the Courts Corrupt so unless you know the Constitution 100% well, it is one huge headache dealing with these issues.
l have chosen to keep learning the constitution and start with smaller things like Traffic fines to understand how the court system and filling out of paper forms, work.
There is no justice in the court system so it is better to try and stay out of court and learn how to respond to road fines with letters. Aussie Speeding Fines is excellent at teaching you this. Best of Luck.