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Michael Prinz

Hi Frank! I did follow the 4 document process all the way. After I sent letter 1, I got a form letter reply, after letter 2 (mailed30/08/19) & letter 3 (mailed 5/9/19) I received a reply form letter again with the key paragraph being

“As previously advised, your recent correspondence relating to the above mentioned traffic offence detected by the operation of a Photographic Violation Recorder has been received and does not comply wth the requirement of Section 94 of the ROAD TRAFFIC (ADMINISTRATION) ACT 2008 as required and explained within Part E of the notice. A final Demand notice will be issued in due course”
Now the last paragraph gets even better
“Should this office receive further correspondence regarding this matter, the Infringement Notice procedure will be permitted to continue without intervention. This may result further fees being encountered, which included the matter being registered at the Fines Enforcement Registry”

These buggers just told me to F… OFF, “we tell you what you can say or else”. Amazing where we are now.

Now the question is:
1.Do I complete the final demand notice and opt for a court hearing (I am not sure about the consequences with this one; I fear completing the form I will simply give them “authority over me”
2. Send a reply to the final demand notice, together with the affidavit and an invoice for wasting my time, and that I am willing to present my case in court.

I can see how the “fear” factor works to the benefit of the corrupt system. We are only talking about $100 in fine but the principle bugs me. Anyway I appreciate this conversation very much.
Kind Regards Michael Prinz