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What is a Robodebt?

First you should be asking centrelink for proof of claim, and demand to know the full details of the debt.

Search the web, there were lawyers in melbourne working with cases, looking for class action I think, proving centrelink was wrong.

People should be keeping good tax records and a diary of when they were working and on centrelink. Most of the debts come from them paying you sometime in the same year you started or finished work, and this is the biggest coverup of all. They then add the centrelink payment to your wages earned and then tell you your income was higher than you said it was, proof in your ato lodgement, and then they take it all back off you. They should not be taking anything back, because when you work and have unemployment money, you add that up and then you pay more tax on the income. So after you pay that extra tax, centrelink then say you owe them back the money. Does the ATO then refund the extra tax you paid too?

This is the biggest scam operating by centrelink right now, and they have been getting away with it for years, but they will never show proof of claim of debt and people have no idea what it is they are even arguing about.