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Rudy Pallich

Hi All

I am pretty new to all this and was giving up hope of any justice in this country. I refer to Andrew’s post from the 30th March: I totally agree. The Constitution of the commonwealth of Australia 1901 is the highest law in this country ant totally being ignored by the criminals in the pretend government (as it is a privately owned US company registered in Washington DC) and all their bullies and thugs (Police, Judges etc.) Any alterations and amendments are illegal as there has to be a referendum to make any changes to it and as far as I’m aware all attempts to change it have been declined by us the people.

I have been fighting those bastards for over a year over an alleged speeding fine and they are totally ignoring my letters,but are adding more $s to the fine. As they have restricted my ability to re-register all my vehicles I am forced to drive around without rego. Now the $’s are really adding up and they are still totally ignoring the fact that I haven’t even been driving the vehicle in the first instance. Can anybody give me some words of advice?