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Greg Ryan

ask them when the referendum was to introduce gst ? ask them how they sit/ exist lawfully since unidroit 1973 and aust act 1986
I beleive..but check..that the fact that Darryl and senator Culletons case was accepted in the house of lords/ privy council..prooves the invalidity of the Australia Act
read page 795 annotated const also.. think 795 but where says there is no presumption of a power..on the contrary any existance of a power has to affirmly shown to have been granted..ask anyone how they claim to have power/authority (ie any prick working for the ato, any fwit working in a court) where they get their power from .. none are operating under the const. see sect 42, sect 71 see the shedule… all traitors , working for companies, under a unlawful corporate Govt (registered in the US) how can a US company have any authority in Australia ???? them pushing laws here is an act or war