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Greg Ryan

The bill of rights dissallows pretend/false entities to the monarch
Our lawfull monarch is the queen of great britain and ireland.. allegiance to anything else is a foreign power and treason.
pge356 annotated const”the laws of any state” the laws of the states will comprise the following clauses
(i) Imperial acts- re the constitutio
(ii) Imperial acts- re ordinary legislation
(iv) Laws of the realm of England
Port of Portland v State of Vistoria- all 7 justices confirmed the validity of the Imperial acts application act and the Bill of rights.
Ive been told twice in local and district courts that ”we dont have a bill of rights”
but as a realm of england (const preamble) ..we do !
In any case the labour Govt created the queen of australia.. it/she isnt a person.. so …fraud/ treason.. and i guess it also means that allegiance to it/her inplies an allegiance to the labour party that created it/her.