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I have friends in Bundaberg, 2 families in different towns, have never vaccinated their kids and all 4 kids go to govt schools.
It is not compulsory to vaccinate, they made it compulsory to present an immunisation certificate. So present the certificate. They asked to see a certificate they did not ask to see it filled up with shot details.
However, these families have not taken on the battle to have family payments reinstated.
It was the same 20 years ago. I home schooled for years and then had to put the kids in school, I simply showed the blank immunisation certificate, they put it on file and the kids were enrolled at school.
The trick is always in the words, read what they are demanding, ask for written laws, and do not assume anything, look up legal definitions of words and read what they say, not what you have been told or what you assume something to be. Because they LIE all the time, if you dont read, you will believe their lies. It is a SPELL and it is all in the words they spell out.