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I went through 4 court cases for 4 seperate traffic infringements which took about 20 court
appearances. A great experience to learn first hand how corrupt our QLD courts have become.
My last court case I issued a Notice of Discovery to the QPP concerning the
“Transport Operations Road Use Management Act 1995 ” Followed by a Notice of Default. I hand delivered these documents weeks before my court case to both the QPP in BNE & the Magistrates Court in BNE.
The law does not exist it is only a set of rules. You can’t be convicted by a set of rules.
That is what the Notice Of Default basically proves that the laws are pretend laws.
All 4 court cases relied on these Pretend Laws to prosecute me.
The courts will always convict you no matter what you do or say. But you can have some real fun with the courts. I had one magistrate abandon the court,
another one kick me out of the court,
had another court all to myself,
and one where I challenged the police prosecutor, the magistrate made up a fake law so he could stay, embarrassed the judge when they said no commonwealth constitutional matters allowed in this court. I said is it not the Commonwealth Con that gives you the authority to sit as a Magistrate. Then I just let the magistrate sit in it.Had the cop up on the witness stand & proved he didn’t know the law.The Police Prosecutors changed the fine 4 times trying to find a new fine to get me on. The whole process was complete BS.I proved that I was not at fault & I still lost the case.
My advice is to wait till they hit SPER and hammer SPER.
I got a NSW drivers license so SPER could not use threats of extortion to make me pay the fines or loose your drivers license. Then they dried to threaten me with stealing my car to make me pay the fines.
I found out that SPER are a Private Corporation masquerading as Govt. That the laws they rely on to enforce their threats of extortion have no commencement date. I explained to SPER that all the laws I had been convicted on were Pretend Laws so the Debt must be a pretend debt. And had the proof to back it up from my last court case.
As the conviction was suspended due to my Notice Of Default that I issued to the court & QPP Of course the Court never notified me of the Suspension. It was only when I got my SPER account with the listed penalties that I saw the suspension. Touché !
By the time I had finished with SPER they decided to leave me alone. Since that letter I have not heard a peak from the bastards over 12 months now.
So yes you can beat the system. It takes a lot of work & time but it is rewarding not to pay their fines & beat them. The more people that do this the easier it will become.
Was it worth the effort ?YES .
I learnt a heap of things.
I challenged my fear of the court and had some fun while doing it all.
Plus there is a huge cost of wages & resources for all the court cases & all involved to try to prosecute me.
Remember it took over 20 court cases for 4 convictions at a cost to the state, a team of Police to prepare the cases, police to be rostered off to present their testimony, magistrates & their staff to be available to hear my cases, SPER admin staff, traffic camera admin staff , police station admin staff to reply to my initial letters. How much would have all this cost in staff wages, the court wages etc. Maybe $20 000 or $30 000 dollars maybe more for a group of fines that totalled about $2500 which I do not have to pay.
It is a crazy world we live in to establish the truth but yes it can be done & remember every magistrate & QPP are breaking the law by imposing these fake convictions on innocent people with pretend laws in pretend courts against the valid laws of the Commonwealth Constitution that apply to us all. Who are the real criminals here ?