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The last letter states the banks agree not to sell the debt to a third party or list it on a
company that maintains credit scores. So what to the banks do. They do want they bloody well like.Did you expect the banks to act honestly or fairly or with any integrity to follow the law ?
This is what they do all the time. They ignore the default agreement & then sell the debt making more money from your unpaid debt.
The banks never loose that is how they make billions of dollars a year in profit.
You have created a valid paper trial the proves the banks have once again broken their agreement which states the banks forfeit any debt that may exist.
And you don’t think millions of peoples credit scores will be shit house after the COVID 19
pandemic as more & more people default on their credit cards, loans & mortgages.
Really the credit scores are more bluff & garbage. Even if you decide to pay off the debt latter it still remains listed on your credit score as a paid off default. Yeah that’s fair. My advice is stop playing the game & stop Borrowing money from the criminal cartels – the banks.
The system works especially for unsecured loans I have done it with over 8 credit cards. Worse bank so far is westpac & Lion Finance who are debt collectors. They just don’t give up so ethier do I with ensuring they are wasting their time with me. You can string them along for a while & have some fun or just go completely mental on the phone with them, they will hang up on you. U can apply to the credit score companies to have the debt notification removed.