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Transurban is a private USA BASED CORPORTAION. They make multi millions of dollars profits from our toll roads that we have paid for & the state govt then screwed us all by going into a franchise agreement with this overseas company.
The CEO of Transurban is paid over $6 million USD a year.
Some Toll roads have already been paid off but they still are charging tolls .
The State Govt of QLD have a franchise type agreement with Transurban upto 2035.
Transurban is the only private corporation that is entitled to use the police to obtain any defaults payments. This is one way you can get out or paying tolls. Transurban have a unique special privilege that no other Australia company has.
Also all debt is to be paid in gold or silver coin. Not a credit card so that is another way you can stop the toll rip off.
We all should on mass stop paying our tolls to Transurban & send them bankrupt or at least back home to the USA. On mass the fine system would collapse. People are too stupid to do this because they do not know the facts or care to know about the facts. Sheeple & dumb sadly.