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PS … SPER tried to impound my vehicle for non payment of fines that occurred from the
magistrates courts under fines from the Transport Operations Road Use Management Act 1995
I had already foiled SPER from taking away my drivers license ( QLD ) by getting one from NSW before mine was cancelled.
I wrote to the Registrar of SPER.
Said I know u are a private Corporation with ABN Nbr xxxxxx & are masquerading as a govt entity . That the laws you rely on to enforce your threats of extortion have no start date. They are invalid and the your threats are a criminal act.
That all my court penalties fall under Pretend traffic laws so that must make the debt a
pretend debt. That I proved it With a Notice Of Discovery & a Notice of Default that I issued the court & QPP before my last court case .
Needless to say I got kicked out of court & we reminded the court about the submitted documents. My Strawman was found guilty in my absence, remember I was kicked out of the court.
The documents I provided the Notice of Discovery & Notice of Default I believe resulted in the fine & court levy being suspended on my SPER account at a later date.
Of course the court did not notify me of this good news or the suspended fines.
I only discovered this when I got a detailed list of the fines & costs listed from SPER.
By the time I had finished addressing this criminal corporation with all my research, my
discoveries, the facts and the criminal Laws SPER are breaking, the pretend debt from pretend laws, the suspended fines & court levy as proof and the fact that the Commonwealth Constitution
applies equally to them as it does to me I think they decided they should leave me alone.
I have not received or had any further threats for unpaid money from this Corporation because I do not owe them any money.
The fact that they did not reply to my letter only further proves that they are a private
organisation.If they were a govt entity they must by law reply to my letter.
SPER are masquerading as a govt entity with no authority to take your car, suspend your drivers license, garnish your wages or imprison you for non payment of any debt.
Tell them that you do not consent to their authority for the reasons
provided & you will not take part, or pay or support their criminal activity
( which the State Govt is fully aware of ) and that you do not deal with criminal corporations. The hardest thing was finding out who the registrar of SPER who is Natalie Barber (MARCH 2019).
So yes you can stop SPER from attacking you & making you pay any money they claim you owe.
The system is too easy for the Police, Traffic Camera Office or any other corporate govt entity to make a determination of guilt & send the penalty notice to SPER if the fine is not paid.
Remember only a court of Competent Jurisdiction can make that decision and no office admin or police admin person has that authority to make that decision. So simply refuse to pay any fine listed with SPER for that reason.
SPER may send it to court for a hearing but it is then upto the Police to schedule that court case and that takes money, time & energy. You can pay the fine at any time or have fun in the courts.
This rip off is a huge unlawful money making scam that has been created for the purpose of
revenue raising, it has nothing to do with saving lives, it is designed too fill the pockets of unseen private corporations with your cash without any proper authority in law.The courts ,the police & the pretend govt departments make a percentage of the fine they impose on you when you pay any alleged penalty. Ask yourself where is the victim if this is a crime ?
No Victim = no crime. Happy Days