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Who would you trust to amend & rewrite our Constitution ?
No one I can suggest has the integrity, discernment & vision to take on that task yet.

We must preserve this valuable document & ensure we all have an understanding about the sections in it & how it protects us from the tyranny & unlawful actions of Politicians who are not working as our elected representatives.
This valid set of laws called the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1901 apply to us all equally and any govt minister who creates any legislation outside this set of laws is undermining the law & committing treason against us all.
Why is this important set of laws not taught at school because the Govt wants to keeps us
ignorant about the protection these laws provide for us all.
The Commonwealth Constitution is designed as our manual to keep govt honest & in check.
Read it, use it, share it , discuss it. and make sure the govt is working to it.
It is important right now to see what fines & laws the Fderal & State Govts have been enforcing on us concerning COVID 19.
The Govt must work within the perimeters of the Commlth Con and we have seen clear abuse of this. That means that the Govt has not had the authority of the law to impose certain
restrictions on us. If they do not have the authority of the law behind them then they have no right to fine or make us comply to that law/ request .
If Govt is allowed to create any laws they see fit then we are living in anarchy and we are all in serious trouble.

Look up Larry Hannigan The Voice of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution for a easy to listen to presentation. Thanks