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@ Peter, Yes I agree with you 100% that our privacy and freedoms are in danger, were living in unpredictable times and it’s getting to the stage we can’t even walk out our front door without the fear of arrest under the guise of “none essential activity”.

It wouldn’t hurt to open new thread on the APP topic to see if it get’s more feedback.

Me personally I won’t be downloading the app. If forced to by an employer I’ll download the app to show them I have but would just keep the bluetooth turned off so the app doesn’t work!

In my opinion the app is just a tool so they can track who you associate with.

Commonwealth of Australia constitution Act 1901 has been hijacked by the fake constitution therefore the Gov. and its agencies like the police can track you already threw your cell phone pinging off the towers, I’m unsure how accurate it is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s within 1 meter or 2.