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Hi mate its a tough one, the banks are looking very shady they have a hugh amount of dirivities that if they cant contain them all hell may break loos thisi snot finacial advise but my opinion is :

gold silver old skool store of value try and buy physical silver now its pretty hard to find as with gold
with what is happening around the world and here is Australia Food lots of it , land where you can grow it water filtration setups large orchard permaculture style dams livestock farming land tractors etc .
collectable cars
I know stocks go up and down but large companies that will never be allowed go go under or maybe unlisted capitol companies but many of them have said they are sitting on war chests of cash waiting for bargains to appear as 2020-2021 unfolds.
This is not financial advice if that is what you after find a good one that takes upfornt fee for proper advice not trying to sell some product