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It’s a really good question and I actually made a webinar showing people how they could use their super to buy gold and silver, doing what I did.If you are under super access age then I think you should still do it because at least you will have something after they completely change the financial system, which I believe is about to happen.
The problem if you are in draw down mode (ie, retirement), then you have to have access to a metals dealer which is ok if you live in a city, which I don’t. Furthermore with regional lockdown I can’t even get to a city.So selling gold became a real issue for me.
So for me the solution was to get all the things I will eventually need now. This includes things like water tanks, solar panels, gardening stuff etc.So reducing my need for currency.
I don’t trust banks at all. If they din’t intend to steal your deposits then why did they force the government to enact legislation allowing them to? I used to work for a bank and the day to day people were really nice folk, they don’t understand how bank fraud is perpetrated and they, unlike their top bosses, work really hard and cop a lot of undeserved flak.
Hope this helps