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Hi Boon,
In my organisation we were asked to install ASAP but I politely advised management that I would exercise rights to protect my privacy and abstain of downloading that App and I’m in good spirit and health. They expressed “disappointment …but bad luck.
Nobody can force you as nobody have legislative rights.
With That App your privacy is given away willingly and “someone” would trade with that.
Timeline on Google maps saved me from hassle in proving as innosent related to speeding fine and paying speeding fine $480 as people in Toll did not look closely at rego as due to reflection of one number was bit hard to recognize; so it was my colleague and not me as regos are very similar.
New phones with several cameras are active even if not used as can be hacked by some organisations and depending where is pointed you may receive “advertsment” by sms or email. Best way is to cover it somehow.Also even if phone is turned off there is enough power in capacitor to run GPS and “someone” would know your location.