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John Plansoen

I am sad that people don’t realize that smart phones are tracking devices in themselves. The very word S.M.A.R.T stands for Secret Militarized Armement In Residential Technology. No joke. It doesn’t matter if you put a SIM card in there or turn it on flight mode. Ones you go back online, the data will be uploaded and they know the places where you have been; when you walked or drove and even stepped out of the car. There is a good video on youtube about this where they tested all this. They record every phone call and text and can tap into your mic and camera if you don’t protect it with an app like D-Vasive. I have it but I don’t think you can stil buy it. One can also tap audio on a microwave, simple. So the COVID19 tracking app is just an extra’s and has made people aware that they could be getting tracked if they download it, without knowing that they are already getting tracked. I leave my phone at home these days and always turned it off in the car completely because of the microwaves. As a consultant that assesses homes for radiation (EMF/ELF/RF) for a living, I am very aware of the Technocracy that is pushed upon us and have clients that are heavily affected as well.Cheers.