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Kristine Northey

Hi Daniel Clapton. You are very brave. How did it go? IT was good series of steps from Mick.
I was wondering if you are aware of the Pushback against mandatory vaccination website? Its on wix. The lawyer who set it up is about to commence work on a class action. The cost is about $2000. I didnt do it as I did not have the cash but I am following it. I think it is the only way. The name of the organising Lawyer is Serene Teffaha from Advocate Me. I hope this information may be helpful to you and others here. I also believe that going the route of unfair dismissal (if you go that far) would not necessarily recoup much in compensation. To get the decent bucks may require that other legislation – some sort of discrimination – is breached. Youd definitely need legal representation. Theres no precedent for compensation for forced vaccines yet.