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I personally like to keep it as simple as possible. I’m asthmatic and got approached by two cops on the street They said “you need you mask on”. In a polite manner I said I’m asthmatic and can’t wear one as I pulled out my ventolin. They responded in a polite way back and let me go about my business.
When I go into a small shop, I approach the counter and say “excuse me I just wanna let you know I’m asthmatic and can’t wear a mask”. 100% of the time people have been positive. “oh no problem! thanks for letting me know”
Something I learnt years ago in phycology was a method whereby you appear to agree with someones point of view even if you don’t actually agree.So you still hold on to your point of view but they think you agree with them.
You get ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE by agitating or antaganising a cop.No matter how RIGHT you are. Trust me.Most of them will just get their back up because you’re humiliating them. So plan ahead what you’re gonna say and say it nicely. it works.