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Mark Holden

The video posted above was very disturbing to watch especially in regard to how heavy handed the police seemed to be. We did not get to see the run up to this video in relation to how the woman was approached and her reaction. In my view she seemed to antagonise the police and was certainly violent towards them – not saying she wasn’t justified. I see now that she has been formally charged. I have see other videos of people who have used the words mentioned above and have been ignored, one even being arrested for not giving their name and address even though we know it is not legal to even ask.
Here’s my question, what do you do when police seem to be acting as in a ‘police state’ which seems to be what’s happening on the streets of Melbourne? Police breaking car windows, tackling people to the ground, openly speaking against, ignoring and decrying our ‘sovereign rights’? Ignoring the fact people may have legitimate health reasons for not wearing a mask?
I would be interested to hear some views on this. It’s is all good when the police are playing nice but it gets very dangerous when they seem to be jacked up on their new authority and believe themselves to be above the law. I challenge one of the statement above – it’s not simple!