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If you have a doctors certificate then carry it at all times when outside of the house. If you are a political protester then be prepared to be physically and mentally harassed and coerced by the private organisation called the Victoria Police. The Police are NOT following the legislative guidelines as the Parliament has prescribed. The Police are so vulnerable to be sued for exercising a power that is prescribed by the Parliament. The Victorian Public Health and Well Being Act prescribes that the Police are NOT a public authority via section 30 of the Act which leads to section 106 of the Public Administration Act 2004 Vic. Police can assist an authorised officer with respect to an area or person that is under or suspicious of being infected with a Quarantinable disease. An infectious disease can only be registered as a quarantinable disease if the Governor General of the Commonwealth has proclaimed with a proclamation certificate gazetted in the Commonwealth Government Gazette, that an infectious disease is recognised as being a threat therefore enlivening the properly trained agents or officers via the appropriate instrument, a Human Bio security Order, on the individual or property or vessel.
The emergency powers currently being exercised by the Premiere and his mates is without Parliamentary oversight by design. The Emergency Powers Legislation is seriously wanting for substance, which has allowed the Premiere to take advantage of a situation created politically instead of with a panel of experts in the field of microbiology. Politicians have taken up a power that is NOT granted in law and as such we are now all suffering as a result. The Victorian Police are clearly negligent in their knowledge of the requirements surrounding the proper procedures of quarantine and therefore they are guilty of aiding and abetting in a crime against humanity. The crime is prescribed in the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 and the max penalty is 17 years in prison.
Of course this is just the beginning as the legislators have updated the legislation in Western Australia to allow for forced vaccination. In Victoria vaccination is targeted at an individual who has been targeted as having an infectious disease. Victoria is the first State in the free world to be put into curfew without proper oversight and the people are just letting it happen.