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Jeff Davidson

There has to be:

An Introduction and First Reading

The introduction is a formal stage at which the Member introducing the Bill reads the long title of the bill. At this stage, the Bill is still confidential and is not available in hard copy or on Parliament’s website.

Second Reading

The Clerk announces the Bill by reading its short title and the Member moves that it be read a second time. The Member then makes the second reading speech outlining the Bill’s intentions. Following the second reading speech, debate on the bill is adjourned to give Members time to study the Bill.

When the Bill is next called on for debate, Members can make speeches in support or against the Bill. At the conclusion of the second reading debate, Members vote on the Bill. If the Bill is supported by a majority of Members, it proceeds to the next stage.

Consideration in Detail (Legislative Assembly) or Committee of the Whole (Legislative Council)

This stage may be dispensed with if all members agree. It is generally used where amendments to the bill are moved or where, for example, the Opposition wishes to debate the clauses of the bill in detail or ask questions to the Member who introduced the Bill.
Third Reading

There may be some debate at the third reading stage but normally most of the debate will have already taken place. Once a Bill passes its third reading, it has passed through all stages in the House.

4) Royal Assent

Once a Bill has been passed by both Houses of Parliament in the same form, it is presented to the Governor of Victoria for Royal Assent.

Points to watch are: There needs to be a quorum in the house and there must be Royal Assent from either the Queen of England (Not Queen of Australia) or a Governor who was appointed followingproper due process.

They always fail on the latter and often fail on the quorum requirement as well.