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Do you have the “Bank Secrets Revealed ” book ?
If not purchase that book. It has all the template letters you need to stop the debt collectors from pursuing you.
Remember debt collectors are a third party interloper who have bought the debt from the bank for a tiny amount of the total debt.
They use threats, bluff, and more threats to make you agree to a payment plan or similar.
Do not agree to anything because they do not have a contract with you. In fact you do not have any agreement with these debt collecting corporations like Lion
Finance or the CLH Group.
They make huge profits by making people pay back the entire amount of the debt that they bought from the bank for a few cents in the dollar. It is a huge scam really.
Once you agree to anything with these blood suckers (debt collectors) you have entered into a valid contract with them which has you trapped .
So do not agree to anything. Just hang up on them.
Of course you can play with them too.
Just pretend you are not the person they are looking for if they ring you and say you will pass on a message or ask them to hold while you find the person they want.
You could be the flatmate, relative, friend ,house keeper, visitor … they do not know who you are?
Just leave them on hold for as long as possible till they hang up while you pretend to locate the person they want.
Or you could just blow a loud whistle down the phone line & then hang up on them.
Remember they are blood suckers so don’t be afraid to treat them like the scum that they are.

The Bank never looses out they have the debt insured ,plus you may have been paying off the debt, they also sell your contract, your signature creates a securitised instrument for the value of the debt and then they sell your debt to a debt collector. So they have got maybe triple the amount of the debt paid back to them. As you can see it is a not a fair system for you but a great system for the bank. Sometimes I think the bank wants you to default it makes them more money.
The bank sell the debt which means the debt has been paid.
The bank now wipes out the debt which means there is no longer a valid debt.
The debt collector purchase the debt so they paid off the debt for you. Some times I thank them for doing this …. !
The Debt collector claim they have a legal right from the bank to pursue this debt. That is not correct you have no contract with debt collector only with the bank.
The Debt collectors are all bluff & use fake threats and all types of BS and scare tactics , it is all rubbish.
I ask them for proof that I have a contract with them, specifically I ask them for a copy of my wet ink signature. This they can not provide.
It is a good idea if you are discharging a number of credit cards to get a PO Box Address and give them that address if you have too.
I always ask them to put all correspondence in writing & send it that PO Box address.
You just say You do not discuss any private banking matters over the phone & hang up on them if they persist.
They will ring you at strange times, they even rang my parents, my land lord looking for me, they will email you and try to harass you .
Don’t agree or confirm your details or discuss anything over the phone with these blood suckers.
If you have done the 4 letter process from the Bank Secrets Revealed Book you have an accurate paper trial proving the banks did not provide you with the information you requested & that created a paper trial wiping out the alleged debt by default.

There are some powerful heavy hitting letters you can send the debt collectors if they don’t get that you have finalised & closed the account with the bank .
That usually shuts if they persist with threats of court or any other nonsense. It is just a big game really .
If the debt was real they would have taken me to court to recover that debt which they will not will save you do as they know I have a paper trail proving no debt exists.
I Hope this helps you with your issue .
Buy the Book it is the best investment and money you can spend for $87.00. “ Bank Secrets Revealed “
It will save you thousands of dollars if you are discharging a number of credit cards .

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