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Alicia Evans

@David B. I am in the Upper Hunter in NSW. It is a public school.

Thank you.

I ended up sending them an email and asking for evidence the PCR tests worked 100% and also the relevant law stating the Department of Education could enforce a medical procedure on my children against their and my will. They came back and said they had been advised for ‘parents who would not consent to a test’ (aka the annoying difficult parents lol) that the child would have to stay home for 10 days before returning to school. It is a joke. My kids rarely get sick, yet will have coughs and sniffles etc especially with the change of weather from cold to hot. Hubby and I are seriously looking into home schooling. This year our eyes have really been ‘opened’ to the the brainwashing our kids are receiving (aside from the Covid crap). This year they have come home saying the school promotes Climate change and that little twit Greta (funny as she tells kids to strike from school), then it was BLM and they learnt all about that and nothing about ‘All Lives Matter’ and now they have been pushing vaccination really hard – no doubt getting ready for the Covid Vax they are going to push on us. Decisions will need to be made as to whether we are going to put up with this.