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Melissa Van Herk

Hi all!
Last week whilst sitting by the river with my partner we had the cops called on us and they proceed to fine us $1600+ for being outside without one of the 4 essential reasons, even when we said we considered outside time in nature to be part of our breathing exercises. We also got hit with a court summons as we were topless. Which I’ve since read up on the legislation of “Sexual Exposure” they are trying to convict us off which is inaccurate as our genitals were not exposed and we were not exposed in a sexual manner!
I responded “no comment” to all of the Officer’s field interview questions. Don’t know if that a positive or a negative for me..?

I’ve spoken to a different officer who said it can take up to a month to have the paperwork mailed to us, and I am wanting to contest all of it and hopefully go to the Magistrates with a solicitor for the “exposure” claim and thus for the covid fine which was in conjunction.

Anyone have any appropriate articles or places I can go to do some reading and build my confidence would be amazing! Thank you

– Bridie