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i was in forced quarantine in may in sydney and we got it for free didnt have to pay like u do now sorry. we had special dietary needs i rang my bank once i left as we needed to eat as we didnt have choice what rock up at owe door didnt listen to us so we had no other choice but to order food once the food rock up to owe door. my partner had to order food for her on 7 times and cost us money out of owe pocket. so we ordered it pay for it daily when ever we needed it of credit card to the place we was staying at. i rang up on the 2nd day said can i leave to get fresh air they said no i said why as i have a right to get fresh air they said no again then they said ur under detention i said what they said detention i pretended i dropped the phone and recorded what they said. lmao lmao so i had agreement when i walked into the place i was in quarantine for 2 weeks but no i was in detention and if u look at the law it is when in detention the tax payers pay for it so what i did then and rang my bank and said i had charges in play where i was in a resort i had to go buy there rules like any holiday place right and then the resort broke there rule in the law and the goverenment law and i got ever cent back i spent there and the bank told me i was right so i got the whole lot of money i paid in the 2 week stay funny when u read what the team of know your rights tell u u go do ur own research into things witch i had 2 weeks to do and then put in front of my bank super funny so i would say do the same thing i did and told them the truth and under the banks law u are 100% right so that was ever single cent even with alcohol as well on the bill. so make sure the phone call u make is recorded to bake ur self up. good luck and my travel insurance paid for my uber eats we got as well as it was out of pocket the bank didnt pay for that only the resort ones as it had there name on it