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Alyson Murray

My understanding is that none of these fines are valid and they are relying on people to just pay. Have a look at the discussion between David Limbrick and Jill Hennesy (Attorney General link below), regarding this. Page 12. Look carefully at wording around the relevant acts they talk about directives and recommendations. The emergency powers do not override the Biosecurity Act (2015 I believe).Join the “Common Law Court Australia” who hold regular zoom meetings. A good group to connect with and they can help with wording and method.My first meeting I found super confusing but perservered and now I am understanding. Look on You Tube for “Justinian Deception”. Again initially confusing but as you watch you will start to understand the deception they use to get you to pay.

People don’t realise we have bee dumbed down in Australia and do not know our rights. As individuals we need to really work on that and then mentor others to understand.