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Lars Krowarsch

I´m also interested in the Quarantine topic, as I want to leave the country over Christmas, and want to avoid quarantine on return.
As far as I´m concerned, there are a couple of points that caught my attention.

If we look at the biosecurity act from 2015, which is basically the act everything is based on, they have to issue myself a “Biosecurity control order” in order to tell me to go into quarantine. However, the order can only be issued:
A human biosecurity control order may be imposed on an individual only if the officer is satisfied that:
(a) the individual has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or
(b) the individual has been exposed to: (i) a listed human disease; or
(ii) another individual who has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or
(c) the individual has failed to comply with an entry requirement in subsection 44(6) in relation to a listed human disease.

So if I´m healthy, which I am, it means they can´t issue a biosecurity control order. Does it mean everyone is basically going into voluntary quarantine?

Is there a chance to have something in writing, to show to customs or whoever orders me to go into quarantine?
By the way they are also not allowed to test you. It´s also listed in the act.

Again you need a control order for that.

90 Undergoing an examination
is designed to prevent a disease from emerging, establishing itself or spreading.
An individual may be required by a human biosecurity control order to undergo, at a specified medical facility, a specified kind of examination relating to determining the presence in the individual of:
(a) (b)
the listed human disease specified in the order; and any other listed human disease.
For the manner in which this biosecurity measure must be carried out, see section 94.

Or can I get them to sign a personal liability, when they want to test me and put me into quarantine?

Any ideas?