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Hamish Graham

A good point seems to be they can’t enforce anything on you without proving you’re sick. Will that mean testing coming to your door? Even then I won’t allow myself to be tested. It’s overly intrusive to stick that thing practically up to your brain. Unnecessary. Saliva should do, if this virus is as contagious as they tell us. Still just say that if you’re feeling sick then you’ll be happy to get tested. Until then.. ciao.

Then again I did see some news grabs from NZ/Canada mentioning “containment camps” for those who refuse to be tested or self isolate. And the malevolent plot thickens.. I think that certain elderly Jewish folks right now must be scratching heads & saying ‘this looks uncomfortably familiar..’

There’s an agenda here. But stand your ground & remember the Charter of Human Rights (Which has been smashed these past months- even though no state of emergency can lawfully override this) Dan Andrews has truly been running a dictatorship, the police acting unlawfully. Which is why nobody’s paying fines. And it’s only set to get worse.

But stand your ground. If you’re not sick, don’t let them tell you otherwise.