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Andrew Leslie

Thanks guys. I’m going to send either the speeding default or clarification letter. The issue I have with these letter templates is the bulk of it is specifcally related to speeding.

Here’s what i’ve put down as the clarification letter. If you guys would add anything, let me know:

Thank you for your letter dated 1st October 2020, in response to my letter to you of the 25th September 2020 (please see copy attached). It appears that you have somehow misunderstood the points that I raised in my previous letter to you.
Please understand that I have denied your claim and am not willing to have anything further to do with this matter until you, XXXX and VICTORIA POLICE provide a sworn Affidavit and supporting documentation that substantiates your claim that Code 0945 is lawfully part of a current, legal and valid law/Act in the State of Victoria. I will require certification that this law has in fact been legally enacted by the Parliament of Victoria in the Queen’s name, as it is required to be subject to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK) which was approved again as a result of the 1999 Referendum.
I will then endeavour to dis-charge the associated tax, conditional on the grounds that I receive from you the sworn affidavit and supporting documentation that substantiates your claim that the above documents do indeed exist. Upon receipt of these documents and certification, I will require further information from you as to how I am able to lawfully, constitutionally, meaningfully and conscientiously extinguish or dis-charge an alleged debt/tax in excess of AU$20 in the Commonwealth of Australia without breaching the Currency Act 1965, specifically Sections 9, 11, 16 and 22, considering that the highest denomination coin in common circulation in the Commonwealth of Australia is the AU$2 coin. Additionally, the conflict that exists regarding the face value of coins makes it impossible to value the Australian dollar.

I remind you that proof of said claim is required within 28 days from the date of my initial letter, being the 25th September 2020 otherwise acceptance of the Terms and Conditions outlined in that letter will be noted.

Yours sincerely,