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Talei Watson

Hi Jo.

I have sent off my 1st letter, (registered & notification of receipt), on the 6th Nov. When I hadn’t received a notification of receipt by the 12th Nov, I contacted the Post Office. Apparently they have lost my letter. They are investigating the matter, but the fine is due to be paid on the 18th, so I’m not sure of what may happen after that date. I have sent an email to Aussie Speeding Fines, to ask their advice. Hopefully they will get back to me asap.
I would be very interested to know how you get on, and invite anyone else to contact me at if they are proceeding to fight these scammers. I feel a support group would empower more people to step up and be confident enough to go through with such a stressful process. I know I would appreciate a word of encouragement, and advice, from people in a similar situation.
You’re so right Jo… We can do this.
Go all you “Speeding Fine Warriors”