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They won’t come to your door. They will get other corporations to do their bidding. I.e. you won’t be able to enter a restaurant or go to the football without scanning a QR code and at some point, you will also need proof of vaccination. It will be implemented the same way NBN was. That is, 100% voluntary, but in the end, you will have no other choice, because all alternative options will be removed and you will most likely have to submit to have any sort of life. Events organisers have already stated as much for attending concerts, the QANTAS ceo has now just announced the same thing on a current affair regarding International flights (ie roll it out for international flights first, then later include domestic flights as well)

It will have nothing to do with any statute, or your rights. Because it will be a commercial contract condition (ie that you consented to in return for a service)

In the context of a contract a tort is not pertinent, only the contents of the contract matter. You will thus have no recourse in tort law for any damages resulting from a vaccine, once you consent.