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Hi Andrew

I’ve asked this on another thread you started. Maybe you can help also.

I’ve got a letter from recoveriescorp for tolls which I refuse to pay with Linkt. $90 in tolls for 4 trips across Melbourne is insane. I paid $35 into my tag account thinking this would cover costs, then closed the account which I had not used in 2 years or so. Then I start getting email, phone calls, text messages, and a hard copy letter from recoveriescorp because they want to help me!
I bought the E-book and read up on the public use of roads and the unlawfulness of tolls after paying the initial toll amount. I want to challenge, but am struggling with the legalese of the language and the documents – eg: am I looking at an assignment of deed when there is a header with “Linkt ‘in partnership’ with recoveriescorp” at the top? Has recoveriescorp bought the debt? How can I tell?
I’m trying to understand the information in the E-book, but not confident in how to apply it to this one. Any advice specific to road tolls is welcome. I also contacted Motorists Party in Qld who tried to help with another example, but it doesn’t fit my situation. I’m just not talented enough with the speak to manipulate to my situation.
Feeling overwhelmed as my daughter also got a fine from Fines Vic about a train ticketing issue. She has applied for special circumstances as she was homeless and other issues, but now they’re asking for her whole private medical and personal info to make a decision. She can’t take it to court at this stage and I don’t know where it will go from here. I really want to see a way out and find some confidence to continue to stand against all this and am madly listening to the podcasts for answers, but it’s mostly over my head.
Any clarification, advice, anything would be so appreciated.