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Contact Rebel News – Avi Yemeni. They would love to cover this.

The other option is to contact Reignite Democracy – Monica Smit. They are based here in Vic, but they’re trying to extend their reach. I think they would take a valid interest in your story.

Get some media attention on it. Police hate it.

This is just beyond comprehension. So many people in a uniform think they own us. I’m really sorry to hear of this unjust treatment. I have had my own experiences with the Vicpol and not much of it has been great for me or my family. You can lodge a complaint with the very corporation that victimised you. Can’t see any conflict there eh? (eyeroll) Might be worth looking into, but Mike advised me that it could take 2 years of fighting through the courts to seek compensation and that’s with solid evidence. I’ve chosen to move on and let God deal with them.

Still, I would seek some legal advice. Find out who it was that took your car – they’re personally responsible for their actions on the day and what followed for not advising you correctly, or following procedures. Unfortunately it may be just a ‘He said, she said’ kind of event after the fact and like Finn said, your phone is your best friend (until they take it off you) and you don’t have any evidence of the incident!!

All the best – I’m going back to find something to help with fighting toll charges. We all have our fights.