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mark kain

hello my Friends

One is preparing their first letter of General notice of objection to a seatbelt fine copped the other day, in sunny Western Australia.
Written below is a couple of points one needs to clear up to go forward.

* on the general notice of objection letter, coming after the address of the police station is an “obligation No: 00000, one does not know what this is or where to find it…?

* one is unsure of the infringement notice no: on the fine one has received. There is a number in the top right hand corner under a bar code. At the end of the number is another number in a square…?

* on the fine one has received, one is guessing the code No: marked ‘office use only’ stated to the left of where they state the vehicle driven and alleged offence is the ‘code/road rule No: …?

One would be very grateful for any support on the above mentioned.

One would be happy to meet or connect with like minded people in Western Australia, one lives in the Busselton area.

Regards to all