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Hi Guys,my partner and myself were fined for the COVID act charging us $4003 each,We were served with them and went to court on the 14/01/20 and we got it put off to the 18/03/20.Can anyone help us on want we need to do next.We were on the news for me hiding in behind the seat of my partners truck.I usually go on truck trips with my partner,so I went with him to Melbourne to drop a load off and I never got out of the truck,we drove to another depot and picked up a trailer and no one was there just us,we then drove back to Queensland where we both live.But got stopped at the boarder for me being a passenger in the truck,we both had our pass but the officer wouldn’t look at them.If you like to see the video you can see it
This was on the 15 October 2020
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Bernie and John