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I would personally go down there at first opening and request a copy of the internal review letter which you say you never received. It is your right, and you must be notified in writing of the outcome. They have 90 days to give you a reply to your request for internal review and it must be in writing. Also on what grounds did you apply for the review?

Did you check your email, did you request for it to be sent by mail or did you consent to email notification?

Request a copy by going down there in person and stating “ I never received it if you didn’t” I assumed it was still pending given the legislation states you have 90 days to reply to my request for internal review and the 90 days period had yet to lapse.

Also state that you require a copy of the decision to your internal review for your records before you can make a decision.

Be polite.

Also see the following link to see where you infringement is up to:

Your options if you get an infringement notice

click on 3rd option:

“Your options: a step-by-step summary”

3 Registration with Fines Victoria – notice of final demand
You can request a work development permit if you are eligible (to do some work or an approved activity and not pay anything)

Under this section you are able to request an Enforcement review which they can accept, or reject , and elect to take it to court

If they do elect to go to court, you can postpone the court case for as long as you like until you get all your ducks in a row, but make sure you get them to give you a copy of their decision regarding the internal review. They may not have even done it. So that is you first port of call. I would suggest you go down to fines Victoria tomorrow at 9am. Call at 8am to make sure they havn’t changed their hours due to covid.

Also you must reply to all their correspondences in a timely manner to remain in honour and keep the upper hand (which you can do in the future but not in this instance)

They have the upper hand now, so make sure to be polite but firm in requiring a written copy of the decision to your internal review.

See how it pans out tommorow, but you don’t want to let the final notice period elapse without doing anything because they will get a judgement against you and then enforce it with additional fees.

If you prefer to just pay, you can also ask for an extension and 3 month payment plan, see the link above.