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Edwina Chartres

Thanks Theo,

I have received a copy of the internal review after a 2nd request (letter dated 23/12/20 stating the matter needed to be finalised by 12/01/21). I received the undated Penalty Reminder notice 28/01/21.

Nothing is making any sense, I chose all correspondence to be sent snail mail and received all but the review letter. My due date for the infringement was 1/12/20 I made my submission on 30/11/20 at 6:16 pm. When I check my records online I can see that the submission was modified 1/12/20 at 3:24 am. I will go to fines and see if they can help in any way.

What is so frustrating is that I’ve had all the extra charges added, when everything I did was within the time frame of the infringement notice.

Thank you for sending me the links, I still feel stumped as all the Covid fines are coming under the traffic camera office, it all seems they are just making things up as they go.