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Know Your Rights E-Book

A comprehensive, step-by-step e-book that will systematically teach you about your rights in relation to the following topics, and, more importantly, give you simple strategies that you can implement to stand up and fight for those rights:

  • Fines
  • Taxes
  • Banking
  • Law v Legal
  • The Commonwealth Constitution
  • Local Government / Rates
  • The Strawman Concept
  • Financial Freedom and Protection
  • Mandatory Vaccinations and much more

"Information packed - could not put it down until I had read it cover to cover."
- Jeff

If you don't know your rights, you probably don't have any.

  • Know Your Rights

    The Know Your Rights e-book covers all these topics to help you stand up and fight for your rights.

  • Powerful Content

    87 pages of information including around 80 links to other websites, videos and documents

  • Member Forum

    All e-book customers also get access to the Know Your Rights Members Only Forum.

  • Reference Court Cases

    Around 40 extremely powerful court cases that you can download and refer to.

  • Tried, Tested & Proven

    You're purchasing a system of tried, tested and proven strategies in simple-to-follow steps.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All e-book purchases are backed with a full 30 day, money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and all your rights to gain!

"This is GOLD!

If only everyone could read and act on the material in this book.

For years I have just “taken it”. I’m sick of just paying stupid money for little in discrepancies that I have just accepted. Im not even sure the accusations are accurate anymore! I have driven for nearly 40 years and never had an accident nor caused an accident, no drunk or drug driving, nothing stupid. Yet I still get the odd fine for allegedly being 5 or 10 kph over.

Over a million “kays" under my belt and not a single victim.(Yet I am sure these private companies have extorted thousands of dollars over the years) Don’t even get me started on eTag fines.

This book certainly helped me understand where I stand and what I SHOULD do about it.

Along with the ASF book, the Know Your Rights E-Book will certainly will be a foundation for defending myself.

Thank you. Great Stuff."


"Hi guys,

I wrote to you a while back in regards to an alleged Centrelink debt for $3,915 plus interest! As you may recall, after reading your book and doing your seminars, I sent them a letter based around the Further and Better Particulars letter from the Banks Secrets Revealed but to no avail. Then had it escalated to a review and no success either.

I then used your PPR letter format, which I had sent to the Centrelink in QLD as they issued the Bill for payment, another one DHS in Canberra and another to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Yesterday I received a letter from Centrelink with an amendment for the period they were trying to recover from me. I've included a copy for your information but you'll see that the debt has now been reduced down to just $282!

I'm indebted to you guys for your knowledge and support.