Home Study + KYR, ASF & BSR Hard Copy Platinum Ultimate combo pack


This is the full Know Your Rights Platinum pack, the Aussie Speeding Fines book and the Bank Secrets Revealed book and ALL the References CDs, audiobook CDs and seminar DVDs and all the associated Platinum pack CDs and DVDs as well as our full Home Study Course.


This Ultimate Platinum combination pack includes every physical product (except out new Home Study Course) from all 3 groups, which, if purchased individually, would cost over $1,000. You can find the full details of that pack here


When you add in our Home Study Course as well, that takes the value to well over $1,500 but we are doing this special Home Study Course + Ultimate Platinum Combo pack for just $997 which means you are essentially getting our Home Study Course for free!


This is by far and away the most comprehensive pack that we have and represents the absolute best savings possible.



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