One of the fundamental keys to the majority of the topics that we cover on our website is the concept of your Strawman, or "legal person" as opposed to you, the flesh and blood human being. We suggest that you watch the short 5 minute video below as an introduction to this concept:

This video clearly explains the difference between your ALL CAPS “person” - which is what the Government deals with - and you, the flesh and blood human being. There is also another great website which goes into much greater detail about this here - - for those who are interested into digging into all of this a little deeper.

If you haven't yet done so, we recommend that you listen to our 5th Broadcast, from the 15/7/14 - which you can find on our Radio Show page - as the majority of that broadcast was dedicated to the Strawman concept.

If you want to start learning about how you can put this concept into practice in your day-to-day life, we recommend listening to this interview which details a step-by-step account of how a woman in QLD separated herself from her ALL CAPS name when the police pulled her over and was sent on her way.

We also recommend watching the short video below which is an excellent example of how you can stand up for your rights, once you fully understand them.

Despite the threats from the cop, this individual left the scene, in his automobile, without a valid driver's licence and without any vehicle registration or insurance - what an incredible victory against "the system"!

And, once you fully comprehend your rights and how to exercise them, you can actually turn the tables on the police and start pulling them over and charging them for their breaches of the law, just like the guy in this video did:

Now, just imagine how quickly things would change and what a different world we would live in if all motorists started holding the police accountable for their actions – that’s true “people power”!

And, if anyone doubts that "persons" are completely separate to flesh and blood "men" and "women", please be sure to check out the highlighted references - in this document - from the old 1611 King James Bible - that refer to God being "no respecter of persons" - all of which have been removed/edited in the new King James version of the Bible. Clearly, even God did not want us dealing with the fictitious entities known as "persons"!

And, if you really want to take the next step on your journey of learning about your rights, and, in particular, the all-encompassing subject of the "Strawman", we recommend that you take the time to read through our extremely comprehensive 87 page e-book - "The essential, step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights." - which you can find out more about on Our E-Book page.