Know Your Rights Speaks to Tasha David About Vaccinations.

The new 'Mandatory Vaccination' laws are as offensive as they are ineffective and they must be challenged!

Be sure to listen to the interview that we did with Tasha David - the President of the AVN (Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network) - and find out why the government and mainstream media are going to extraordinary lengths to stop people from learning the truth about modern-day vaccinations.


There are so many reports around that detail issues with modern vaccinations or vaccine schedules and what they are really putting in them but many mainstream doctors, of course, all claim that they are completely safe. Well, if that is truly the case then they should have no problem signing a document to that effect, should they?

If this is of interest or you are concerned about mandatory vaccination rights, we recommend that you download the Vaccination Warranty Form as well as a copy of Appendix 6 of the Australian Immunisation Handbook and ask your doctor if he would be prepared to sign it.

With governments attempting to shut down films such as 'The Truth About vaccines' and 'Vaxxed', and an announcement by the Government in August this year (2017) that they are spending $5.5 Million on a vaccine campaign to counter anti-vaccination, one needs to start questioning what is really going on.


Vaccine 'Requirements' and Your Rights

If you are one of the many people to be affected by the new "no jab, no pay" legislation, where your Family Tax Benefit is being withheld because you choose not to vaccinate, then you may also want to download a copy of our latest letter to the Minister for Social Services which explains your right to conscientiously object to anyone poisoning your children. You can also send a copy to Centrelink and/or your local federal MP in case they try and stop paying you because you refuse to poison your children. You can download that updated letter here.

We also recommend addressing the letter to the following entities:

The Minister for Education and Training:

Mr Simon Birmingham
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
The CEO of Centrelink:

Renee Leon
Department of Human Services
PO Box 7788
Canberra BC ACT 2610
And, the Governor-General’s Office:

Peter Cosgrove
Government House
Dunrossil Drive

You can simply cut and paste those details into the top of the letter and change the name you are addressing and send a copy off to all relevant parties.

We also urge everyone, whether you have children or not, to please send off this simple My Will letter to the Minister for Social Services so that we can have any reference to the word "must", in that legislation, simply changed to "should".


We did a special Q&A session on one of our radio shows, with one of our very pro-active members, Teejay, which you can listen to below, as it details the specific issues with the current 'mandatory vaccination' legislation and it explains exactly how to use the letters that we provide on this page to have the greatest impact and effect.


We have also uploaded an interesting article entitled, "The Nuremberg Code and Mandatory Vaccinations", which we referred to at the end of the Q&A session. You can download a copy of that file via this link.

Not Sure About Vaccines?

Regardless of whether you choose to vaccinate or not, the bigger issue here is Pro Choice. No-one has the right to tell you what you must or must not put in your body. Our right to make those choices for ourselves is being removed and, if you think this is just a one-off exercise then now would be a good time to start thinking about other things that are happening that could have a catastrophic impact on your future and that of your children, family and friends. Here is a great article that details what the Nuremberg Code says about mandatory vaccinations.

The true point of these new mandatory vaccination laws - apart from filling the purse of Mr and Mrs Turnbull - is really just a test to see how we'll react to their demand to jab our children. The next step is micro-chipping people, which is already happening in Australia, and, if we allow that to happen, then it's "Game Over". We suggest that you start thinking about the bigger agenda here - look up the concept of "Agenda 21" if you want to learn more. We all need to understand the consequences of complying with this gradual erosion of our rights and start taking steps to stop it!


U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Case?

No matter what your position is on the new Mandatory Vaccination laws, everyone should be aware of this landmark case that the US government just lost in relation to vaccines.

You can download a copy of Court Order, including an overview on the ramifications of, via this link.

You can also watch this very short but very powerful video from an ex-vaccine executive speaking to the CDC in the US, where she also raises similar issues.

Despite being in the US, this case now opens the doors for forced vaccinations to be stopped here in Australia because a court has now ruled that vaccines have not, in the past 32 years, undergone the requisite testing and certification for safety and effectiveness that all drugs are supposed to be tested for every two years!


Want to Learn More About Vaccines?

Many people ask us where they can find out more about vaccines and we highly recommend the following videos:

Vaxxed- from cover up to catastrophe -

Vaccines Revealed - 9 part documentary-

The Truth About Vaccines - 7 part documentary-

They are all completely free to watch and we believe will help you make an informed and educated decision regarding whether to vaccinate your children or not.