COVID & Vaccinations

Know Your Rights Speaks to Tasha David About Vaccinations.

The new 'Mandatory Vaccination' laws are as offensive as they are ineffective and they must be challenged!

Be sure to listen to the interview that we did with Tasha David - the President of the AVN (Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network) - and find out why the government and mainstream media are going to extraordinary lengths to stop people from learning the truth about modern-day vaccinations.


There are so many reports around that detail issues with modern vaccinations or vaccine schedules and what they are really putting in them but many mainstream doctors, of course, all claim that they are completely safe. Well, if that is truly the case then they should have no problem signing a document to that effect, should they?

If this is of interest or you are concerned about mandatory vaccination rights, we recommend that you download the Vaccination Warranty Form as well as a copy of Appendix 6 of the Australian Immunisation Handbook and ask your doctor if he would be prepared to sign it. Please note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

With governments attempting to shut down films such as 'The Truth About vaccines' and 'Vaxxed', and an announcement by the Government in August this year (2017) that they are spending $5.5 Million on a vaccine campaign to counter anti-vaccination, one needs to start questioning what is really going on.


Know Your Rights Speaks to Choosing Freedom About Vaccinations, Illegal Lock Down Laws and My Will Letters.

Please watch the webinar that we did with the Choosing Freedom team, where we discussed forced vaccinations and how to challenge them, how to handle the illegal lock down laws and how to effectively use My Will letters.


Inaccuracy of COVID-19 Testing

More and more people are being coerced into undergoing testing for COVID-19 so we have included some information to show you how inaccurate that testing is.

The first is a Freedom of Information response to one of our members from the Department of Health and Human Services which clearly states that there are no 100% accurate tests for COVID-19 in Australia. You can download a copy of that response via this link.

Then, there is this 7 News article that explains how a pawpaw and and goat, amongst other things, have supposedly 'tested positive' for COVID-19, again showing how inaccurate the testing really is!

And, then, to top it all off, there is this detailed, medical article which explains why the current PCR test for COVID-19 is actually 'scientifically meaningless'!!!  You can read the full, original article yourself via this link.

You should also read this article which explains the 10 fatal flaws with the current test for covid-19 and why it should be axed.

Please see this document, entitled "The WHO Declares all PCR Tests at High CT to be Potentially 100% False Positives" to understand why governments cannot rely on PCR test results as justification for continued lockdowns or restrictions.

This web page from NSW Health shows that the current number of cycles being used for PCR tests in Australia is 40 - 45 cycles, considerably higher than what the World Health Organisation prescribes for accurate testing!

And, the CDC are now recommending that laboratories stop using PCR tests because they cannot properly differentiate between covid and the flu!  You can read a copy of that important CDC Laboratory Alert here.

You should also read this article which provides further proof that all covid PCR testing is a scam.

Be sure to print these documents out and show them to anyone who 'requests' that you undergo a COVID-19 test.



Issues with masks and how to deal with them

We also urge anyone who is concerned about wearing a mask and is being forced to do so, to read this report from the University of NSW, which explains why wearing a mask can actually be detrimental to your health.

There is also this article which details that the CDC has now found that the 'overwhelming majority of people getting coronavirus wear masks'!!!

And here's another important article on the dangers of masks as a supposed protective measure against covid-19.

And here's another great article on the dangers of prolonged surgical mask wearing.

Please feel free to download this Notice to show to any store that refuses your entry without a mask or to place up in your own workplace, in case anyone questions why you're not wearing a mask. We have also created a Word version that is a little clearer and can be edited to suit your specific situation, it also has all of the relevant links to the legislation referenced. Please note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

Please be sure to read the opening paragraph of this article from the Australian Government, Department of Health, which specifically states that surgical masks only help sick people from spreading covid-19 and healthy people should not wear them!


COVID-19 can be cured!

Please read this article from professor Thomas Borody that explains why COVID-19 can be treated and cured more easily than the flu!

We would also urge people to read this detailed explanation on why the COVID-19 pandemic has been planned all along and exists for a very specific purpose.

You should also read this article which explains why you should skip the covid vaccine when it/they are released.

We urge everyone to read this important article which explains the 31 reasons not to take the covid vaccine.


The Truth about COVID is starting to come out!

Dr Fauci's lies have now been exposed via the release of his e-mails. We have uploaded the full dossier, which you can download via this linkPlease note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

We also urge everyone to read the detailed research conducted by the Covid Medical Network, which includes detailed studies on masks, PCR testing, lockdowns & mental health, and much more, from doctors right here in Australia.

You can also download a copy of the Pfizer "Important Information for Health Providers and Consumers" warning notice via this linkPlease note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

The CDC has now admitted that there is no 'Gold Standard' for the isolation of any virus, anywhere in the wold - including COVID-19.  If the virus hasn't even been isolated yet then how do they justify all the lock downs, restrictions, masks, social distancing, vaccines etc.? You can read the full article here.

Researchers now admit that they made a big mistake with the COVID-19 'vaccine' and the spike proteins that they produce are a toxin that has been proven to enter the blood stream - something they said previously wasn't possible. You can read the full details of that report here.  Are you sure you still want to take that 'vaccine'???  If not, see the section below.

Please download this comprehensive report entitled "An assessment of covid-19 & the failed global health policies of the WHO" to learn the truth about covid-19 and its impact on global societies.

The CDC have even come out now and admitted that there is no "Gold Standard" for the isolation of any virus, including COVID-19. You can read their full admissions via this article.

This is another great article which clearly spells out the true covid facts in figures in Australia over the past 18 months or so.

Click this link to download the Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Report document that Pfizer was trying to keep hidden for 75 years but the courts ordered them to release.  If that link is censored, here is an alternate link.

Click this link to see the new item number that Medicare has now created specifically for MRIs for myocarditis associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations. Why would Medicare create a whole new item number for these specific MRI procedures if myocarditis was as "rare" as the TGA claims???

Click this link to see the latest evidence that Pfizer and the various medical regulators hid the dangers of covid-19 vaccines during pregnancy and the shocking number of birth defects and miscarriages that have resulted.

Click this link to watch a short but powerful video regarding the "Twitter files" where  a senior Twitter representative admitted to a senate enquiry that they received legal demands from various governments to remove content and censor expert, educated doctors and CDC data in order to suppress accurate covid information.

Click this link to download a detailed report showing that most of the 'vaccine' regulatory bodies around the world are actually funded by the vaccine companies themselves, including Australia's TGA, which is 96% industry funded!

Make sure you read this article where the ex AMA President , Kerryn Phelps admitted not only were 'devastating covid injuries' being under-reported but that doctors were also being censored - just as we have been saying all along!

And, whilst the truth is coming out in a lot of ways, as this article explains, many doctors are still being threatened and silenced if they try and speak out against the narrative or agenda!

If you want a clearly explained, step-by-step copy of that agenda, you can download a copy here.  And here's a detailed document showing the WHO "Immmunization Plan" for 2030.

You should also read this very detailed explanation about the truth about Covid-19 from a retired nuerosurgeon.

If you have any friends, family or co-workers that only ever believe what the mainstream media tells them, please make sure they read this absolutely mainstream article about the 10 covid myths that were told by experts that have now been officially debunked.

Please be sure to read this detailed medical review of covid-19 vaccines in Australia.



You CANNOT be forced, or coerced, into having a COVID vaccine!

People seem to be increasingly concerned - and rightly so - about being 'forced' to partake in one of the COVID medical experiments aka 'vaccine'. Workers in the health fields are particularly concerned but need not be as the government has now officially come out categorically explained that no employee can force you to either get vaccinated or disclose your vaccination status. You can read the full statement here. Although this specifically relates to aged care, it would apply equally to all health care workers, otherwise they could be sued for discrimination.

In the High Court case of Attorney-General (Vic) v The Commonwealth (“Pharmaceutical Benefits Case”) (1945) 71 CLR 237 at 257, on page 257, the Court clearly stated that, "But the Parliament could not pass a law requiring citizens of the States to keep their premises clean or to submit to vaccination or immunization." So, quite clearly, the Government cannot make covid-19 vaccinations mandatory in any way, shape or form and that means that no employer can either!

Many people have sent us the following incorrect and fundamentally ill-informed video by Senator Malcolm Roberts.

We provided a detailed response to that video on a recent radio show, explaining why Roberts was wrong. You can listen to that specific audio clip here.

Many people are concerned about their employers forcing, or coercing them, into getting a covid vaccine, with some even threatening to fire them. Please read this important article from the Safe Work Australia, which explains why they simply CANNOT do that! be sure to print it out and give it to your employer if you are in that situation.

Click this link to find a list of questions you can ask anyone - such as an employer - who may be forcing, threatening or coercing you into getting vaccinated. Remember, never refuse, just ask questions that you know they can't answer and put the onus back on them! If that pages goes down again, you can also use this link.

Please be sure to read over this important Fair Work Commission decision in the matter of Jennifer Kimber v Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd. You can also read a lawyers overview on the case via this link.

Make sure you read this important article from a retired Australian lawyer who explains some major issues with the current range of covid-19 "vaccine" and how the ones being administered here are not the same as those trialled before approval by the TGA. This report would be a perfect one to send to any employer who is enforcing 'vaccine mandates" to put them On Notice that they will be liable to for any damage as a result of coercing you into taking them.


Lock Downs are unlawful!

The High Court in New Zealand recently ruled that their first lock downs were unlawful! Please read this article to learn more about that ruling.

Please read this article, where the World Health Organisation is now urging countries NOT to re-introduce lock downs because the social and economic repercussions are simply too high!

Here is another article from the World Health Organisation urging countries NOT to use lock downs as the primary strategy for dealing with COVID-19.

You can also watch this short video where a World Health Organisation spokesperson clearly stated that asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people very rarely spread the virus and this was further backed up by well-known doctor, Doctor David B. Samadi!

Please download and read this excellent open letter to governments, drafted by Serene Teffaha from Advocate Me. It explains why the response around the country to the COVID-19 'crisis' has been completely disproportionate and what the governments need to immediately take action on to rectify the situation. We urge people to download a copy and send it to their State and Federal MPs and urge them to make Your Will known, and also send it to every police station to inform every police officer about the unlawfulness of the current directives in Victoria. Police need to understand that they now act in their private capacity and can be sued personally if they continue to enforce unlawful directives!

Please read this letter to Daniel Andrews by a group of very well respected doctors, explaining why continuing the current restrictions is not the best way forward! Please note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

The inquiry into the quarantine debacle has now heard that the Daniel Andrews government is potentially responsible for the death of 768 people - this article explains why.

This article explains why the High Court is likely to rule that all arrests of protestors was unlawful.

Please download this sample letter to your Chief Health Officer and find out for yourself, if you, and/or your business are, in fact, subject to a public health order or not and, if not, then you maybe eligible for compensation as a result of the covid-19 lock downs and restrictions.

You have an entrenched right to freedom of movement. In particular, no-one can introduce any kind of 'border permit system' in order for you to exercise your right to travel freely between States in your own country. Please read this report from the Human Rights Commissioner on Article 12 - in particular, the wording of paragraph 16.

Be sure to read this report, from the united Nations, on the right to Freedom of Assembly. You can also download this highlighted copy and keep a copy with you for all rallies/protests you choose to attend.


Monkeypox is coming!

Please be sure to read this "table top exercise" document which outlines the Monkeypox scenario which is now starting to play out. Please pay particular attention to page 10 which has a clear chart, and time line, of how the Monkeypox rollout is being planned.


Vaccine 'Requirements' and Your Rights

If you are one of the many people to be affected by the new "no jab, no pay" legislation, where your Family Tax Benefit is being withheld because you choose not to vaccinate, then you may also want to download a copy of our latest letter to the Minister for Social Services which explains your right to conscientiously object to anyone poisoning your children. You can also send a copy to Centrelink and/or your local federal MP in case they try and stop paying you because you refuse to poison your children. You can download that updated letter here.

Please note that Google based browsers (eg Chrome) are blocking access to our site, you will need to use Brave or Firefox to download our letters.

We also recommend addressing the letter to the following entities:

The CEO of Centrelink:

Rebecca Skinner
Department of Human Services
PO Box 7788
Canberra BC ACT 2610

And, the Governor-General’s Office:

David Hurley
Government House
Dunrossil Drive

You can also send it to the Minister for Education and Training in your State or Territory

You can simply cut and paste those details into the top of the letter and change the name you are addressing and send a copy off to all relevant parties.

We also urge everyone, whether you have children or not, to please send off this simple My Will letter to the Minister for Social Services so that we can have any reference to the word "must", in that legislation, simply changed to "should".


We did a special Q&A session on one of our radio shows, with one of our very pro-active members, Teejay, which you can listen to below, as it details the specific issues with the current 'mandatory vaccination' legislation and it explains exactly how to use the letters that we provide on this page to have the greatest impact and effect.


We have also uploaded an interesting article entitled, "The Nuremberg Code and Mandatory Vaccinations", which we referred to at the end of the Q&A session. You can download a copy of that file via this link.

Not Sure About Vaccines?

Regardless of whether you choose to vaccinate or not, the bigger issue here is Pro Choice. No-one has the right to tell you what you must or must not put in your body. Our right to make those choices for ourselves is being removed and, if you think this is just a one-off exercise then now would be a good time to start thinking about other things that are happening that could have a catastrophic impact on your future and that of your children, family and friends. Here is a great article that details what the Nuremberg Code says about mandatory vaccinations.

The true point of these new mandatory vaccination laws - apart from filling the purse of Mr and Mrs Turnbull - is really just a test to see how we'll react to their demand to jab our children. The next step is micro-chipping people, which is already happening in Australia, and, if we allow that to happen, then it's "Game Over". We suggest that you start thinking about the bigger agenda here - look up the concept of "Agenda 21" if you want to learn more. We all need to understand the consequences of complying with this gradual erosion of our rights and start taking steps to stop it!


U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Case?

No matter what your position is on the new Mandatory Vaccination laws, everyone should be aware of this landmark case that the US government just lost in relation to vaccines.

You can download a copy of Court Order, including an overview on the ramifications of, via this link.

You can also watch this very short but very powerful video from an ex-vaccine executive speaking to the CDC in the US, where she also raises similar issues.

Despite being in the US, this case now opens the doors for forced vaccinations to be stopped here in Australia because a court has now ruled that vaccines have not, in the past 32 years, undergone the requisite testing and certification for safety and effectiveness that all drugs are supposed to be tested for every two years!


Want to Learn More About Vaccines?

Many people ask us where they can find out more about vaccines and we highly recommend the following videos:

Vaxxed- from cover up to catastrophe -

Vaccines Revealed - 9 part documentary-

The Truth About Vaccines - 7 part documentary-

They are all completely free to watch and we believe will help you make an informed and educated decision regarding whether to vaccinate your children or not.