Conspiracy ???

A conspiracy theory isn’t a theory if it’s true!”- Mike Palmer

This page is going to be a little bit different to some of the other pages on our website. One of our primary goals is to firstly “awaken” people to the truth, and then to give them strategies that they can then implement to actually ‘use” their new-found information.

Unfortunately, in regards to this topic, that doesn’t apply as much as it does to the other pages on our website. Instead, our goal with this website is to get you thinking differently about what you hear on the mainstream media so that you can start to question the lies and misinformation that you are being fed.

The information covered on this page will certainly challenge you and, we imagine, it is going to be too much for many people to get their head around. And that’s fine: not everyone is ready for this kind of information yet, and that’s okay. All we ask is that, when you are ready to expand your consciousness, come back to this page with an open mind – just don’t dismiss the valuable information on all our other pages, just because this page doesn’t sit right with you – yet.

We would recommend that you watch the short 7 minute video below, which details 10 “conspiracy theories” that actually turned out to be true, so you can judge whether you’re really ready for this information or not.

For those of you who are ready to take some of this information on board, we welcome you to look at the wealth of information that exists in regards to the following topics, and we urge you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions:

1. The Port Arthur Massacre – We believe that everyone in Australia is aware of this event but, as we have many people visit our website from other countries who may not be aware of what happened, we have provided a brief summary below.

In essence, the police claimed that a lone gunman, Martin Bryant (who was intellectually impaired), shot and killed 35 people and injured 20 others on Sunday, April 28th 1996. Despite him never confessing to the crime and despite an inordinate amount of information that would suggest that this claim is impossible, Bryant plead guilty to the charges and, as a result, all types of semi-automatic rifles were taken from the Australian public.

Our view is that this was a contrived event designed purely to disarm the Australian public, and we recommend that people do their own research into this by simply typing “The Truth about Port Arthur” into Google.

In particular, we recommend the following websites: &

2. 9/11 – We doubt that there is anyone reading this website who is unaware of the “event that changed the world” on September 11th, 2001 in New York. We would also like to think that there aren’t too many people reading this that don’t also realise that the whole thing was a “false flag” event.  And, again, you have to look at what was “achieved” through this event for the “powers-that-be” - they introduced a huge number of laws that took away people’s liberties: primarily, the insidious “Patriot Act” – and, they used it to justify “the war in Afghanistan”.

But, just how much of the “false flag operation” was false?

Almost everyone that we speak to can clearly see that the collapse of the twin towers was a controlled demolition:

And most people agree that there is no reason why tower 7 should have collapsed - after all, it was never hit with a plane!

Most people also realise that the Pentagon could not have been hit with a plane, as has been reported, because there is simply no debris that would have to have been present if it truly was a plane crash. The video below has now been removed as it clearly contained incriminating information that they don't want people to know! Please do your own research for similar videos and evidence.

And here is a more detailed explanation from a Major General proving that no plane hit the Pentagon

Okay, so most people who have bothered to spend any time looking into this event would agree with the above. But, what if the planning was even more detailed than that? What if what even we believed about this event wasn’t correct? When you have the time, we recommend that you have a look through the detailed explanation provided on this website

We’re not here to tell you what did or didn’t happen, but it is clear that this was a well planned and executed false flag operation and not a “conspiracy theory” at all.

3. Malaysia Airlines Flights MH370 and MH17 – These are both very recent events and there is simply no way of knowing the “truth” about what happened to these planes at this point,  but there’s one thing that’s certain, the story that we’re being fed by the mainstream media is almost definitely false.

There are many “theories” out there already in regards to flight MH370 and, obviously, they can’t all be true but it is all but certain that the mainstream stories of a fire, decompression or a pilot hijacking the plane are almost certainly incorrect.

And, in just the day or so since the demise of flight MH17, there is a number of different theories about who shot down the plane, why they shot it down, and whether it was really a commercial plane at all.

We have come across a number of articles/videos/stories that are certainly worth looking into. The first is, how did they manage to find almost pristine passports for the passengers that were supposedly shot out of the sky? Here is a forum that discusses this very point.

And here are some other theories as to what is really going on with flight MH17.  There are suggestions that this could some kind of "revenge" against the Malaysian government for their roles in the criminal charges against George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who were all found guilty of war crimes, or it could be payback against Vladimir Putin for his attempts to bypass the US dollar.

As we said above, it is way too early to speculate, but let’s see what develops over the coming days and weeks, and let’s see who “benefits” from this - and that will paint a more telling picture.

* Update - Here's an updated article on Flight MH-17 and, not surprisingly, it contradicts the "official story" that the media have been putting out.

4. Paris 2015 was another false flag operation - It's only been a few days since the so-called "terror" incident in Paris and the media is still flooding our screens with graphic images and blaming the whole event on ISIS. What makes it so obvious that this entire event was planned, however, is the systematic, collective outpouring of grief from around the world. Within just 24 hours, major landmarks around the globe were being lit up in the French colours. Now, anyone who works in government knows that the red tape involved in trying to get the last person out of the office to switch off the lights is a monumental task in and of itself, let alone trying to co-ordinate the mass lighting of major landmarks all around the world, without some kind of prior organisation.

Still don't believe in false flag operations? Then we suggest you read through this article - - which details, very specifically, actual "false flag" operations that have occurred over the years that the government - or their workers - have already admitted to.

Sorry guys, girls, and couples reading this, but Paris 2015 was simply another false flag operation designed to create another "us against them" mentality, to "divide and conquer" us and to focus our attention on yet another "war on terror" and justify more conflict. Here are a couple of interesting articles that you might like to read that detail why this is just another "created" event:
If you have the time to hunt around on Facebook, you will find numerous photo montages showing the same people as "victims" of the Paris "attack" also in the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook etc.

At the end of the day, the whole ISIS thing was simply created by the CIA - just like they did with Al-Qaeda - and, again, there are numerous links you can read through for proof of that fact:

Now, unlike other pages on this website, we're not sharing this information with you because you can necessarily use it in any specific way but please, for the love of God, stop changing your profile pictures to French flag backgrounds because that is a sure sign to the powers-that-be that people are still buying into their crap!

Question everything?
Ask yourself, "Who gains from this attack?"

Irrespective of all of the information presented above, just a few simple questions should make it clear that the Paris 2015 "attack" was not what the media are making it out to be. And, as many people, including Angelina Jolie (who, mind you, has "Know Your Rights" tatooed across the back of her neck) said during the past few days, why don't we hear about the hundreds of other attacks across the world that kill far more people than the so-called "Paris attack" did? Because there's no "agenda" behind those attacks and nothing for the powers-to-be to gain form the media reporting on them!


5. Epstein files - There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein Island and the underage trafficking that he engaged in on the island and elsewhere. The first of the infamous "Epstein files" have now been released and you can access them via this link to see for yourself which 'celebrities' have visited the island.


Please keep in mind that the purpose of this particular webpage is not necessarily to offer any specific answers to these events but, more importantly, it is designed to challenge your thinking, to get you to start questioning everything and thinking for yourself, and seeing what makes sense to you, rather than just blindly buying into the media propaganda.

Then, when you have learnt to think that way about these types of events, you can start to think logically and critically about the media propaganda surrounding traffic fines, regarding the truth about the banking system, and many of the other issues that we raise on our website.

Welcome to the “rabbit hole” – be warned, you will never come back out the same as you went in!