Do you get the sense that something just “isn’t right” with the current system but you don’t know exactly what it is or what to do about it?

Do you want to learn proven strategies for defeating all types of unjust and unlawful fines? eg. traffic fines, COVID fines, un-registered dog fines etc.

Are you sick of paying personal income tax and want to learn how people “in the know” ensure that they have no tax obligations? (These are the same strategies used by top business people, politicians, judges etc.)

Have you had enough of ever-increasing council taxes?

Do you have outstanding credit card debts or personal loans that you want to discharge?

Are you concerned about the "No Jab, No Pay" or "No Jab, No Job" legislation that has recently been enacted?

Do you want to learn how to effectively deal with all these issues and much more from speakers who have proven success in these areas?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are going to love our upcoming Know Your Rights seminars and brand new advanced workshops.


Our first live event in over 2 years has now been confirmed and locked in for the 29th, 30th and 31st of July 2022 in Melbourne, at the Village Green Hotel.


Please see a recording of our first ever Know Your Rights webinar below, which is a great introduction into our information for those who are new to learning about their rights.


Due to the COVID-19 lock downs we have not done a live event in over 2 years but we are now ready to roll out our brand new, fully updated and completely revamped live events which will now include sessions conducted by Mike Palmer, Darryl O'Bryan and Darren Dixon.

You can download a flyer for the event via this link and we urge you to please print a few off and post them up wherever you feel appropriate.

Our Melbourne tickets are now available to book via the link below. Please select the event(s) that you want to attend from the drop down below.

$0.00$516.95Select options

We have provided a detailed overview of the topics and information that we will be covering at each of the events below.

Please note that we are always updating and adding to the information that we share with our attendees so this is a great overview but is subject to some change and alteration.

Introductory Seminar - Friday night, 6pm til 8.30pm

Aussie Speeding Fines introduction - How and why to never pay a fine again

Commonwealth Constitution introduction - How the Constitution affects us every day and how to use it to your advantage

Constitution Commission Reports - What they are and how to use them to benefit you

Taxation - The truth about taxation and the ATO


Intermediate Seminar - Saturday, 9am til 6pm

Commonwealth Constitution Part 2 - More advanced sections of the Constitution and how to use them

Our true government - We cover the Royal Styes and Titles Act, 'Queen of Australia', Statute Law Revision Act & more

Vaccination, COVID & Quarantine - Address mandatory vaccination 'laws' and quarantine

Banking Fraud - How banks 'create' credit and how challenge unsecured debts

Local Government & Rates - Explain true property ownership, rates and how to deal with them

Court cases & Consumer Law - Dealing with fines and winning cases in court

Austlii & CommLaw - Show how to use Austlii and CommLaw for legislation and case precedents

Jurisdiction - How to challenge the jurisdiction of the court

Dealing with police and courts - Exactly what to say and do when confronted by police and/or in court

Mock Court cases - we run through some mock court case scenarios

Civil v Criminal - Explain the difference between the two jurisdictions and how to run your own prosecution

Bonus Session: Writing FOIs - Explain how to write effective Freedom of Information requests


Advanced Mastermind Workshop - Sunday, 9am til 5pm

Notice for Discovery process - How to use a Notice for Discovery to gain powerful evidence

Strawman concept - What is a strawman, how to obtain birth certificates and live birth records

The 'Person' - How to separate yourself from the person

Writing Letters as a subject of the Queen - how to properly administrate the 'person' trust

Mock Court cases - we run through some more advanced mock court case scenarios

Law v Legal - The shift from the Constitution to corporate law under UNIDROIT

Writing Letters to Politicians - How to write effective letters to politicians

Advanced ATO - Why the ATO and their officers have no power and how to challenge them

How to run Private Foundations - Explain what a private foundation is and how to run one to your advantage

The Future - What the future holds and we we must start fighting back now!


You can learn more about exactly what brand new, updated information we are covering in these new live events by watching the video below:


In the meantime, one of the best ways to access the incredible amount of information that we now cover at our live events is via our current set of 4 x live seminar DVD pack, which you can order via the link below.


Our full day, live seminar on 4 x DVDs


Our incredibly comprehensive Home Study Course is now available and includes a full recording of one our latest, complete 2 and a half day live events.

The recording has been professionally edited and broken down in sections to make it simple to find exactly the topic you are looking for and it also includes professionally printed and bound workbooks for each day.  Each workbook includes a copy of every slide that we go through as well as space next to each slide to write your own, personalised notes.

The Home Study Course goes hand-in-hand with the Know Your Rights, Aussie Speeding Fines and Bank Secrets Revealed books, which can be purchased as a combo deal -


Those books provide the essential overview, and all of the actual documents that you need, and the Home Study Course goes into significantly greater detail, with endless examples that pick up where the books leave off.


You can learn more about exactly what is covered in our Home Study Course by watching the video below:


The Home Study Course comes with 3 workbooks and a total of 17 DVDs and a special Advanced Workshop CD, that are broken down as follows:


Introductory Seminar

Disc 1 – Aussie Speeding Fines

Disc 2 – The Constitution, Tax & the ATO

Intermediate Seminar

Disc 1 – The Constitution Part 1

Disc 2 - The Constitution Part 2 & Vaccinations

Disc 3 – Banking Fraud & Greener Cleaner

Disc 4 – Local Government & Rates, Aussie Speeding Fines

Disc 5 – Austlii & Challenging Jurisdiction

Disc 6 – Phil Burton, Dealing with Police & Mock Court Cases

Disc 7 – Civil v Criminal

Advanced Mastermind Workshop

Disc 1 – Notice for Discovery

Disc 2 – Strawman Part 1

Disc 3 – Strawman Part 2

Disc 4 – Mock Court Cases

Disc 5 – Writing Letters as the PPR

Disc 6 – Law v Legal (UNIDROIT)

Disc 7 – Financial Freedom

Disc 8 – Writing Letters to Politicians & The Future

Disc 9 – Workshop CD with documents - These are the actual documents that we use ourselves!


KYR Home Study Course








$497.00Add to cart


You can find out more detail about the original events that these recordings have been taken from below:

Our new live events format

As a direct result of extensive feedback we received from previous attendees, we are now spreading our comprehensive live events over 3 days to give everyone more time to digest out information and ask any questions they may have.

Our live events will now be conducted as follows:

Friday -  2.5hr evening 'Introductory seminar' from 6.00pm to 8.30pm

These are free events - in order to expose as many people as possible to our information and we will cover:

How to defeat all types of unjust and unlawful traffic fines – including speeding, parking, red light, un-registered vehicle etc.

How our Commonwealth Constitution applies to you and how to use it to your benefit.

Why the ATO is not a legal entity, why personal tax is voluntary and why the ATO can't define 'income'.


Saturday - full day 'Intermediate seminar' from 9.00am to 6.00pm

These are full-day seminars that will cover a wide range of topics including:

Further, more advanced information on how our Commonwealth Constitution applies to you and how to use it to your benefit.

A detailed explanation of the fraud committed by the banks, how to fight back against it and how to successfully challenge any outstanding, unsecured debts.

Why local councils are unconstitutional and specific steps you can take to do something about them.

An explanation of the new 'mandatory vaccination' laws, their full ramifications, why they are illegal, and how to challenge them.

A comprehensive collection of very powerful court cases (precedents) and little known sections of legislation that you can use to defend against any claims made against you.

An explanation of 'jurisdiction', what it is, how to challenge the jurisdiction of a court, and even how to place a court into the jurisdiction that you want it to sit in.

A detailed list of the exact things to say and do - and what not to say and do - when dealing with the police and courts.

A live presentation on Austlii, showing how to use this valuable resource to research case precedents and legislation.

We go through a number of mock court cases to show you how to actually use all the information we cover in a real life court situation.

An explanation of the difference between criminal and civil cases, how to handle each one and even how to start and run your own prosecution!

A bonus presentation on The Great Australian political party and what else you can do to help change the system.


Sunday - full day 'Advanced mastermind workshop' from 9.00am to 5.00pm

These are full-day, practical workshops that will cover a wide range of advanced topics including:

A detailed explanation of our Notice for Discovery process and how to use that in any criminal prosecution against you.

The Strawman concept – how the government has corporatised your name in order to “do business” with you and how to recognise that and benefit as a result.

How to correctly administrate the strawman trust by writing letters as the person's personal representative.

The difference between 'lawful' as opposed to 'legal' and how private law has been brought into being here in Australia through UNIDROIT.

How to effectively write letters to your local MPs, and other politicians, expressing Your Will and thus, creating real changes to the current system.

We go through a series of advanced mock court cases to show you how to actually use all the advanced information we cover in a real life court situation.

How to protect your assets and your income using trusts and private foundations and how to legally ensure that you have no future tax obligations.

What the future holds for Aussies if we don’t all learn about our rights and start fighting back!

Please note that, due to the very advanced nature of the information and work that we will be covering at the advanced workshops, previous attendance at one of our introductory seminars is a mandatory requirement. Accordingly, anyone booking a ticket to the advanced  mastermind workshop will have their details cross-referenced against our database of previous attendees to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the fundamental topics that we cover at those events so that everyone is at the same level for our advanced workshops.


One of the primary aims of our live events is to cover a variety of important topics at a wide range of levels. No matter what level you are at, our goal is to ensure that you leave our live events - even the beginner ones - knowing far more about your rights than you did when you entered and, leave feeling inspired, empowered and fired up, ready to start taking action and standing up for your rights in a way that you never thought possible before.

Equally importantly, we will also be clearing up some of the misconceptions and misinformation that have been spread around recently by various speakers at other “truth movement” events. Unfortunately, other people have been teaching information that is incorrect, does not work and, in some cases, gets people into more trouble than they were originally facing.

In contrast to this, our information will be presented by speakers that have actually tried and tested the strategies they are talking about themselves, they have proven results that they will share with you on the day and, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have and for proof that the information discussed during our event truly works!


Below is a radio interview one of our attendees did after winning her court case by using the information she learned at our live events.


If you are in another State or can't get to those live events, you can grab a copy of our brand new 4 x live seminar DVD packs, which contain a complete copy of one of our full day seminars, that you can watch, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. See below to find out more.

Live seminar on 4 x DVDs

Our 4 x DVD pack includes a full copy of an entire day's event and actually includes a number of topics that are now spread over 2 days. Please click this link to find out more or, click the photo below.

We are also working on putting together a Home Study Course so, if you would like to be notified about that, please e-mail us at and we will add you to the list of interested people.



Below are just a few comments from people who have previously attended our introductory seminars and advanced mastermind workshops:

“You have definitely unleashed so much in me today guys. I’m in action and definitely want to help fill your seminars.”

“The presentation was full of undeniably intelligent and necessary content to wake up not just me but thousands.”

“The content is spectacular, eye opening and actionable.”

“I need a bigger brain!”

“Very expertly done”

“Well organised – loved the questions and answers."

“Really good with the logical progression of information – keep it up.”

“Nice and succinct for a day event and good value. Expansive knowledge on a broad range of topics”

“Your explanations are fantastic”

“Learnt lots, I now know what all the fuss is about!”

“Thanks Mike and Darryl for an awesome seminar.”


And here are a couple of video testimonials that some of the attendees left for us as well.


And, here’s what a few of the attendees from our original seminars had to say about those events - keeping in mind that they have improved and advanced significantly since then:

"Hi team,

My apologies for this feedback / testimonial being so late - Adelaide Seminar, 17th August, 2015

This is the second seminar from the Know Your Rights Group that I have attended. To be 100% honest I really didn't expect much. I'd been to one before, right? What else could I learn.

After thinking about this I realised that my attitude sucked! Of course I'd learn more! Repetition is the basis of learning! Even if its exactly the same material its worth going just to reinforce what you know!!

So, booked in and waited for the big day.

Well....2nd seminar.....learn the same as the first? No way!! The second seminar was so much more informative! The first seminar was just a teaser! Love it! More in depth information. Workbook has more information. Presentations had me scrambling to take notes.

What I thought would be a day long snooze was a day long of WOW! It blew away all my expectations and really had me thinking.

If you get the opportunity to attend a Know Your Rights Group seminar do it! Don't hesitate, just do it! The fee is not worth discussing as I've saved more money in fighting Fines than I have paid to attend!

Will I attend the next one? Hell yes!
Is Know Your Rights Group worth supporting? Hell yes!

Cheers, Wayne"

"What an excellent seminar! We need to know more about these subjects. Keep up the good work! Most of my friends and I knew there was something wrong with the system. This seminar shared many areas where it was wrong and now I know how I can address things towards my favour. We all need to know this so others do exactly the same for themselves and their families." Graham

“A lot of different concepts packed into one seminar – all extremely good information and topics were explained in a logical order.”

“The speakers were very knowledgeable – I have a better understanding of a variety of subjects now. I learned a lot of things I was unaware of.”

"Timing was great. Above Expectations. Concise and thorough."

"Great passion and information. I learnt a lot, it was incredible!"

"Better than expected. Where else do you go to get this sort of info?"

“I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“The support documents were excellent.”

“Great presentation, passionate and confronting but in a good way – filled me with enthusiasm and hope. Keep up the great work, I am truly inspired by the information and will do my best to help make it happen.” 

“Learned some ‘gems’, still coming to terms with it all. No-one has presented this information before.”

“Really very informative and loved the availability for questions. For the first seminar it was excellent, a great effort.”

“The best seminar I’ve ever been to!”

"Beyond excellent, the content is to be applauded."

"Extremely in depth and educational, very clear and thorough."

"Overwhelming in the content - a great day - time well spent."

"I want more - Sign me up for the advanced seminar!"

"Well organised, great depth of information, presented in an easy to follow way."

"For a broad spectrum, one-size-fits-all, the seminar was well presented to an audience of all levels."

"Awesomely put together and a great flow to the presentations."

"There should be more seminars like this - well paced and very clear."

"Fantastic content, Thank You."

"Darryl is a machine! Unbelievable amount of knowledge. Thank you."

"I have been to other seminars but this was clear and decisive. Fantastic, cannot believe the content. I feel that now I have taken the blue pill (Matrix), will come again."


And here are some video testimonials from those same, original seminars: