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The Know Your Rights broadcast streams live over the internet every Tuesday night between 8 and 10pm.  We welcome you to email us with any questions or comments you may have at or sms us on 0412 711 755 or, you can even call us on (03) 9017 5093 to talk to us live.

Please note that due to TuneIn changing their computer links, the best way to listen in live to our shows is via a mobile device. Download the TuneIn app on your phone or tablet and then search for RATFM. Some people may be able to use the work around links that you can access via the Listen Live button above. 

“The Know Your Rights Show is dedicated to informing and educating people about their rights and freedoms and also about exposing the “truth” that has been hidden from us for too long. Each week, we cover exciting, relevant topics and we not only open your eyes to information you may never have heard before but we also provide, step-by-step strategies on how you can actually use that new-found information to stand up and fight for your rights and live the life of freedom that you were born to live!”

One of the biggest stories in the country at the moment is the one unfolding with Senator Culleton. We have been working closely in the background with him and we do a regular update on his progress on each week's show.

Mike and Darryl in the studio with Senator Culleton

Mike and Darryl in the studio with Senator Culleton

We do ask our listeners to understand that we are limited by the internet connection that we have at the studio and, unfortunately, we do have service interruptions from time to time. We appreciate that this can be frustrating but we ask you to bear with us and, if you want your questions answered live on air, then this is still the best way to gain access to our information.

Alternatively, feel free to listen to the podcasts of our first 10 broadcasts below or, for a small monthly donation, you can access much smaller, MP3 downloadable copies of all of our broadcasts, with all the music edited out, as well a copy of the actual notes that we use to put each show together. They are available via the KYR Podcasts page in our new Membership's area. You can sign up on a month by month basis or we now have a special discount available for those who want to sign up for a whole year.


Podcast CDs

We have also had a number of people request a copy of our podcasts on CD so, we have now created a number of different CD packs which include a copy of our first 140 broadcasts - with all the music edited out (which equates to around 210 hours of straight content) - in mp3 format, which can be played directly on most modern CD players. We have single packs available for those who want to add to their existing collection and we have all 140 podcasts available on a special 7 X CD pack so please choose the appropriate pack, depending on the podcasts that you're after, from the drop down menu below. Please place your order via the link below and select the option from the "Choose Options" dropdown menu that comes up on the shopping cart page. You can make your payment with an existing Paypal account or by credit card.

KYR Podcast CDs

KYR Podcast CDs

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Downloadable podcasts

1st Show 17/6/14 - Speeding fines, parking fines, why traffic laws are out of control and what you can do about it.

2nd Show 24/6/14 - The ultimate banking fraud and steps you can take to uncover it.

3rd Show 1/7/14 - Why personal tax is voluntary and the ATO is not a legal entity.

4th Show 8/7/14 – The importance of the Commonwealth Constitution and what it means to your day-to-day life.

5th Show 15/7/14 – The Strawman concept - the difference between you and your name.

6th Show 22/7/14 - Conspiracy Theories - they're not theories if they're true!

7th Show 5/8/14 – Interview with John Vico, the law student who beat CarePark

8th Show 12/8/14 - Interview with David Woods, an ex-police officer

9th Show 19/8/14 - How to implement our information plus new info on trusts and foundations

10th Show 26/8/14 - General overview, new court cases & advanced info


Our first 10 podcasts are free to listen to but, if you want to listen to later podcasts, you will need to join up as a KYR Podcast member or purchase the relevant Podcast CD(s) from the link above. Below is a full list of what we cover on all our other broadcasts.


11th Show 2/9/14 - Mike storms out after frustration of people not taking action

12th Show 9/9/14 - More details on the banking fraud and how to fight back

13th Show 16/9/14 - Details of the mortgage insurance fraud and a further breakdown of the Strawman concept.

14th Show 23/9/14 - Show with Tracy Bartram and details of our first official seminar.

15th Show 30/9/14 - OPPT information and further details of our first official seminar.

16th Show 07/10/14 - Additional info including fluoride, immunisation and our new Members area.

17th Show 14/10/14 - Interview with Mike answering everyone's Facebook questions

18th Show 21/10/14 - 2nd Interview with Mike - with his croaky voice - answering everyone's Facebook questions

19th Show 28/10/14 - 3rd Interview with Mike answering everyone's Facebook questions

20th Show 11/11/14 - Another Interview with Mike answering everyone's Facebook questions

21st Show 18/11/14 - Our 21st Birthday show with Mike answering more of your Facebook questions

22nd Show 9/12/14 - More Facebook questions and answers as well as details of our new Brisbane and Sydney seminars.

23rd Show 16/12/14 - Our final show for the year.

24th Show 20/1/15 - Our first show for 2015

25th Show 27/1/15 - More Facebook questions and info from our seminars

26th Show 3/2/15 - Facebook questions, seminar info plus how to win your case in court.

27th Show 10/2/15 - Interview with Darryl, property ownership, new seminars.

28th Show 17/2/15 - Facebook questions and details of our new seminars.

29th Show 24/2/15 - Interview with ex-police officer, Owen Godfrey, who now runs the No Speed Cameras party.

30th Show 3/3/15 - We answer more of your Facebook questions and posts.

31st Show 17/3/15 - Interview with Larry Hannigan and more of your Facebook questions and posts.

32nd Show 24/3/15 - Our 2nd interview with Larry Hannigan and the "divide and conquer" concept.

33rd Show 31/3/15 - More Facebook questions plus important foundation and seminar information

34th Show 7/4/15 - More Facebook questions plus important information about the future of our shows and our group.

35th Show 14/4/15 - Interview with David Woods and new seminar info.

36th Show 21/4/15 - More Facebook Questions and Answers and the latest seminar info.

37th Show 28/4/15 - Interview with Darryl O'Bryan.

38th Show 12/5/15 - More Facebook questions and posts

39th Show 19/5/15 - More Facebook questions and posts

40th Show 26/5/15 - Our final pre-break show with more Facebook questions and posts.

41st Show 9/6/15 - Our first show back after the new baby with exctiting new information for the future of our show and our seminars.

42nd Show 23/6/15 - Important tax and private foundation information.

43rd Show 30/6/15 - Advanced Strawman information.

44th Show 7/7/15 - Our interview with The General about the financial crisis in Greece.

45th Show 14/7/15 - Some fundamental concepts to tie all our info in together.

46th Show 21/7/15 - Bitcoin interview with Pantellis plus our latest seminar info.

47th Show 28/7/15 - Facebook questions and posts plus new private foundation and seminar info.

48th Show 11/8/15 - Interview with Romley re removal of flouride in Cairns plus Facebook questions and posts and new seminar info.

49th Show 18/8/15 - Interview with Darryl O'Bryan from CLRG

50th Show 25/8/15 - Brenton's last show

51st Show 1/9/15 - Our first broadcast with Darryl O'Bryan as co-host

52nd Show 8/9/15 - Darryl discusses the Law reform submissions plus details of our Perth seminar

53rd Show 22/9/15 - We discuss Sheriff's clamping cars, the proposed No Job, No Pay legislation and our Perth and Adelaide seminar.

54th Show 6/10/15 - Discussion with Darryl about the TPP, No Jab No Pay submissions, our upcoming Adelaide seminar and the unlawful changes to SA legislation.

55th Show 13/10/15 - We answer many different and varied texts and emails covering a wide range of topics and formally announce our major end-of-year event in Melbourne.

56th Show 20/10/15 - Darryl details the Notice of Discovery process and steps you can take to challenge mandatory vaccinations plus further details on our Melbourne seminar and next year's Advanced Workshops.

57th Show 27/10/15 - We discuss the specific legislation surrounding the powers of "The Sheriff" as well submissions regarding the Local Government Act review and we cover more info on mandatory vaccinations.

58th Show 17/11/15 - We discuss the Notice for Discovery concept in greater detail, as well as covering the truth about the Paris "attacks"..

59th Show 24/11/15 - We discuss the new "person" information that we got last week and cover important info on our final seminar for the year.

60th Show 1/12/15 - We cover the new No Jab, No Pay legislation in detail as well as the latest media propaganda on "sovereign citizens".

61st Show 15/12/15 -  Our final show for the year which includes an overview of what we have planned for 2016, Brenton shares a recent run-in with the cops and Darryl discusses the truth about “lawyers”.

62nd Show 19/1/16 - Our first show for 2016 where we cover the new concept of “fraudulent concealment”. We discuss out upcoming e-book and the launch of our new, revamped introductory seminars and brand new advanced workshops.

63rd Show 2/2/16 -  We discuss the creation of the "strawman" and the Cetue Que Vie Act as well as reminding people about the many and varied rights that they have. Please note that first part of the show is missing due to a technical issue, sorry.

64th Show 9/2/16 -  We chat to ex-police officer Wayne Glew and discuss why the Commonwealth Constitution is SO important.

65th Show 16/2/16 -  Our follow up interview with ex-police officer Wayne Glew and we again cover the importance of the Commonwealth Constitution. We also announce that the new KYR e-book has finally been written!

66th Show 23/2/16 -  We discuss the bigger picture that we're working towards and cover detailed steps on how people can help us achieve that outcome.

67th Show 1/3/16 -  We discuss some more advanced strategies that we cover in our advanced workshops and let everyone know that our hard copy e-book is now available.

68th Show 8/3/16 –  We discuss the difference between the ‘Queen of Australia’ and the ‘Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia’ and remind everyone that our hard copy e-book is now available.

69th Show 15/3/16 –  We talk about the importance of the Imperial Laws and how they still apply today.

70th Show 2/3/16 –  We explain why public officials have more accountability than the rest of us and how to use that to your advantage.

71st Show 5/4/16 –  Darryl details some important court cases and Mike shares his near death experience and why the group can’t continue any longer in its current form.

72nd Show 12/4/16 –  We interview Garth Daniel’s father, Bernie, and cover the concept of ‘authority’, in addition to detailing my break and changes for the group moving forwards.

73rd Show 10/5/16 –  We break down the ATO’s “Taxpayer Alert” document and also cover the importance of section 117 of the Commonwealth Constitution.

74th Show 17/5/16 –  We cover more info on private foundations, the ATO and personal tax. We also had a caller with some very interesting info on the heavy vehicle laws.

75th Show 24/5/16 -  Paul Daniel chats to us about his landmark victory in the County Court and Darryl rips into the purported Australia Act.

76th Show 31/5/16 -  We discuss a powerful Act, Court Case and media report on the demise of the Myki system.

77th Show 7/6/16 -  We chat to our 'Constitutional Truckie" who shared a great story with us and Darryl rips apart the concept of Local Government.

78th Show 21/6/16 -  We Cover some powerful old laws, answer a heap of listener’s e-mails and discuss the future of our Facebook group and group as a whole after some big changes.

79th Show 28/6/16 -  We discuss the recent “Brexit” vote as well as the upcoming Federal Election in Australia. We also discuss some old laws again and wrap up our final live events.

80th Show 5/7/16 -  We discuss the interesting election "results" from the weekend, we cover tax in detail and also provide a very special offer from Operate in the Private regarding private foundations.

81st Show 19/7/16 -  We discuss the fact that the Victorian Infringements system is listed on the United Nations website, we cover the barrage of false flag events and 'distractions' that have been occurring lately and also cover David Icke's "Wake up the World" tour.

82nd Show 26/7/16 -  We discuss the concept of Summary Jurisdiction, we cover the mortgage insurance scam and how to get any premiums you have paid back and Mike also makes some predictions for the future in regards to distractions and control by the powers-that-be.

83rd Show 2/8/16 -  We discuss the upcoming Census in detail and we talk about the future of a cashless society and the steps we can take to avoid that.

84th Show 9/8/16 -  We cover a wide range of important, detailed Census information and also touch on the relevance of equity as well. We also detail the new changes coming to our website and the prospect of some new live events again.

85th Show 16/8/16 -  We cover even more important Census information and also discuss excise tax and the courts "selling" justice. We also detail the new changes we have made to our website and the prospect of some new live events again as well.

86th Show 23/8/16 -  We cover the Australia Act, a potential new way of discharging/setting-off debts, and we also explain, in detail, all of the changes and additions to our website, as well as covering our next round of live events in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

87th Show 30/8/16 -  We cover important info on fines, discharging debt with your birth certificate and UNIDROIT, as well as providing info on our upcoming live events in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

88th Show 6/9/16 -  We detail some incredible recent 'wins' as a direct result of "people power". We also discuss the important concept of "due process" and we detail a landmark speeding case from South Australia too.

89th Show 13/9/16 -  Darryl explained the history of birth certificates, how they began and what they have become now and we also covered more info on the push for a cashless society as well as announcing the pre-release version of the new Bank Secrets Revealed e-book.

90th Show 20/9/16 -  We had an in-depth chat with Rob, who has had success challenging the National Heavy Vehicle laws and he's now challenging the validity and power of local government. Darryl spoke about the High Court Rules and the Judicature Act we also discussed the pre-release version of the new Bank Secrets Revealed e-book.

91st Show 4/10/16 -  Darryl spoke at length about so-called 'judicial registrars' and why they have no lawful authority and why the legislators who elect them also have no authority to do so. We also detailed some of the feedback we had from our Sydney events and formally announced our major, end-of-year Melbourne event in November.

92nd Show 18/10/16 - We spoke, in detail, about Senator Culleton's inaugural speech and Darryl shared with us about his time in Canberra, meeting with numerous politicians, explaining how many of them are hungry to learn the truth and fix the system.  We also detailed some of the feedback we had from our Gold Coast events and formally announced the new venue our major, end-of-year Melbourne events in November.

93rd Show 25/10/16 - Darryl covered some of the numerous issues and problems with the Family Court and system and the Family Court Act and we also discussed ways to use the Freedom of Information laws to your advantage.

94th Show 8/11/16 - We discussed how the UK, like Australia, is rapidly becoming a police State and Darryl explained the latest charges that Senator Culleton is being threatened with to try and keep him quiet.

95th Show 15/11/16 - We discussed a Facebook post of a guy standing up for his rights, the importance of the US election results, the push for an Aus-Exit and more info on Senator Culleton - this was one of our most controversial and powerful shows yet!

96th Show 29/11/16 - Darryl joined us live from Canberra to give us the inside scoop on his work with our leading politicians and we also covered the latest round of live events that have already been booked in for Adelaide and Perth next year!

97th Show 29/11/16 - Darryl gave us the latest update from Canberra, including Senator Culleton's latest bombshell on the High Court. We also detailed the latest round of live events that have already been booked in for Adelaide and Perth next year, as well as our 20% off Christmas promotion!

98th Show 20/12/16 - We talked about the latest push towards a cashless society, the need for urgent bank reform and a formal enquiry into the banks. We also discussed the truth about the RBA and the importance of the Bills of Exchange Act and how it applies to utility bills. We also detailed our next round of live events for Adelaide and Perth next year, as well as our 20% off Christmas promotion! Our final show for the year was definitely a big one!

99th Show 17/1/17 - We provided a detailed update on Senator Culleton and also discussed 'The Queen' in reference to oaths that police officers take. We also touched on some interesting "laws" that exist in NT as well. We announced our Gold Coast events as well as the details of our first ever live webinar too.  Please note that the first 15 minutes of the show did not record so we will re-do that section on next week's show.

100th Show 24/1/17 - We covered the recent fraudulent Centrelink debt claims as well as new legislation that could give the government power to take away your children for any reason. We also covered, in detail, the completely avoidable tragic event in Melbourne last week and the questions that need to be answered about that. Darryl also discussed important, unlawful changes to the Judiciary Act and the effect of those changes plus much more in our milestone show.

101st Show 31/1/17 - We covered the work Darryl is doing behind the scenes to create a Constitutionally based party as well as some interesting points of law that he has also recently come across. We talked a bit about tax, the ATO and rates and also discussed our upcoming live events around the country.

102nd Show 7/2/17 - We went into greater detail about the work Darryl is doing behind the scenes to create a Constitutionally based party and what we need our members and listeners to do, to help make that a reality. We also discussed our upcoming live events around the country.

103rd Show 21/2/17 - We discussed the latest developments regarding the new political party we are setting up, Darryl covered the importance of a Conditional Notice of Appearance and we went through the feedback from our Perth events.

104th Show 28/2/17 - We covered the name for our new political party, as well as some of the policies and exactly what we need people to do to make it a reality.  We also discussed the legality of parking fines, in addition to some great tips regarding speeding fines, and we also covered our upcoming Sydney and Gold Coast events.

105th Show 7/3/17 - We discussed the latest on Senator Culleton, we directed everyone to our new Political Party website, as well as the new Local Government Class Action website, and discussed some major changes to future live events as well.

106th Show 14/3/17 - We discussed the latest push to have Senator Culleton reinstated, we again directed everyone to our new Political Party website, as well as the new Local Government Class Action website, and we also touched on the Australia Act and covered the major changes to future live events as well.

107th Show 21/3/17 - We covered important changes to RAT FM and our show. We also discussed mandatory vaccinations, local government and some new ideas relating to the Notice for Discovery/Notice to Produce process.

108th Show 28/3/17 - We covered the ground-breaking, 15 page letter sent by Senator Culleton to Parliament regarding the unlawful removal of The Queen and the cover up of that.

109th Show 4/4/17 - We had an exclusive 30 minute interview with Senator Culleton about his 15-page letter and his push for a Grand Jury. We also discussed the importance of Chapter III courts and some of the recent misbehaviour of the High Court of Australia.

110th Show 11/4/17 - We had interviewed Hayden Bradford, the founder of the Protect Victoria Facebook group as well as Lyn Summers, who successfully challenged the banks and had $42,000 worthy of debt wiped off! We also announced that our Sunshine Coast and S/E Melbourne live events will be going ahead as planned.

111th Show 9/5/17 - Darryl covered some important information on the federal budget, the fraud committed by the banks and Senator Culleton's recent petition to Parliament, and I explained what happened during my recent "break", as well as what is needed from all our listeners for our group to continue. We also confirmed that our Sunshine Coast and Melbourne live events will be going ahead as planned.

112th Show 16/5/17 - We interviewed "Truckie Rob" on his incredible victory against his local council, who withdrew their case against him over his non payment of rates and Darryl shared some other important insights regarding local councils.

113th Show 23/5/17 - We discussed a new level of bank fraud as well as the new 'renters rights' website we are trying to set up. Darryl also gave us another update on senator Culleton, as well as discussing the important role of 'The Executive' in government.

114th Show 30/5/17 - We covered some more important information on 'The Executive' as well as information on the Royal Signs manual. I went over some feedback from our Sunshine Coast events as well.

115th Show 13/6/17 - This huge show covered your rights when pulled over, the difference between 'detained' and 'arrested', section 116 of the Constitution, the latest push to change the Constitution, how to correctly request a Proclamation Certificate as well as info on the ATO, including the deputy Commissioner's resignation and much more!

116th Show 20/6/17 - We had Senator Culleton live in the studio with us for this massive show! We discussed the latest updates in his battle, more info on "The Executive" arm of government, problems at the ATO, issues with local government and their ability to charge rates as well as the cracks that are finally starting to appear in 'the system'.

117th Show 27/6/17 - We gave everyone an update on Senator Culleton, including the charges he has filed against Hanson and Brandis, we detailed the latest cracks in the system - with ALL speed and red light cameras being turned off in Victoria due to a virus - and we went over some feedback from our Mornington events, and announced our 20% off End of Financial Year Sale.

118th Show 4/7/17 - We covered the latest on Senator Culleton as well as covering Section 53 of the Commonwealth Constitution. We also covered the latest government security issues and went through a number of upcoming changes that will be implemented within the group moving forwards.

119th Show 11/7/17 - We interviewed John Wilson about Common Law rights, Darryl gave us the latest on Senator Culleton and also discussed the Commonwealth Public Service Act. We discussed the current uprising against mandatory vaccinations and the latest issues the system is having enforcing fines.

120th Show 18/7/17 - We read out a letter confirming that WA Police (and all other State Police) are not a legal entity. Darryl gave us the latest on Senator Culleton and also covered the concept of "pith & substance" and how it relates to legal process. We also covered the latest in the push towards a cashless society and covered the feedback from our final live events in Melbourne as well as discussing our plans for the rest of the year.

121st Show 18/7/17 - We interviewed Truckie Rob about his latest victory, Darryl gave us a fascinating insight into some of the history regarding Senator Culleton and we also discussed rates and some important sections of the Commonwealth Constitution as well.

122nd Show 8/8/17 - We covered vaccinations, the fact that the police aren't legal entities, the CBA's breach of anti-money laundering laws, how to fight councils, the refusal of the police to wear body cams plus so much more that we actually ran out of time to answer all the e-mails and messages we received during the course of the show itself!

123rd Show 15/8/17 - We interviewed Tasha David, President of the AVN (Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network), we also covered Section 115 of the Commonwealth Constitution and the Currency Act 1965, as well as the Colonial Laws Validity Act. We also discussed the latest push towards a cashless society and our brand new website revamp.

124th Show 22/8/17 - We discussed the latest on Senator Culleton, including him filing criminal charges against Senator Brandis. We covered the latest in the on-going section 44 saga, as well as the latest push for a cashless society, and we followed up on the continued desperate attempt to keep the truth about vaccines from the public.

125th Show 29/8/17 - We interviewed Willy from Greener Cleaner, we discussed the latest on Senator Culleton, we covered the recent changes to Austlii, we went over an important FOI request to the Attorney-General and we covered a number of important media articles as well.

126th Show 5/9/17 - We spoke to Darryl live from Canberra and he gave us an update on the latest with Senator Culleton, including reading out an important letter that had been sent by him to parliament. We also discussed the question that keep coming up about whether the Commonwealth Constitution is still valid in this country and we also answered a heap of e-mails from our listeners and members. We also broke the story about a landmark court case that renders all SA traffic fines null and void and un-enforceable!

127th Show 12/9/17 - Darryl gave us the latest update on  Senator Culleton, including the fact that the criminal charges against Senator Brandis have now been escalated to the High Court. He also explained some new information he discovered within the Electoral Act as well. We covered some important media articles on the latest push for a cashless society - including the indoctrination that is already beginning regarding implanting microchips in humans. And, we covered a very powerful testimonial on the Strawman concept from one of our advanced members too.

128th Show 26/9/17 - We spoke about a number of important points on both sides of the "same sex marriage" debate, Darryl gave us the latest update on  Senator Culleton, and we spoke to one of our passionate members, Tony, who is organizing our private, live one-day event in October. We also announced the release of our new audio book and 4 x live seminar DVD pack.

129th Show 26/9/17 - Darryl gave us the latest update on  Senator Culleton, and we spoke about the recent 'false flag' event in Las Vegas. We covered some info on Agenda 2030 and another victory from one of our members who used the PPR approach.

130th Show 19/10/17 - We had Senator Culleton live in the studio with us. Darryl explained by the Acts Interpretation Act and Judiciary Act have been abused since Federation and we also covered the latest push to microchip people, the new bill against BitCoin and lots of other great info.

131st Show 19/10/17 - Our biggest show yet! We gave everyone a run down of Senator Culleton's ground breaking success in the High Court and also detailed an exceptional 5-hour meeting that we had with a current sitting Magistrate, who confirmed everything that we have been teaching people over the past 3 years.

132nd Show 31/10/17 - We covered more on Senator Culleton's ground breaking success in the High Court last week. We discussed the disqualification of 5 senators. We also talked about the recent release of the JFK files, Senator Parry's impending departure from Parliament, and we answered some really great e-mails from our listeners.

133rd Show 14/11/17 - We detailed specific strategies for challenging the government's mandatory vaccination laws. We discussed the 'Constitutional Crisis' that the government is currently battling with - we had special guest commentary from Senator Culleton himself. And, we also covered some new information on Proclamations as well.

134th Show 5/12/17 - We covered the latest push towards a cashless society, as well as the upcoming royal commission into banking. Darryl updated us on Senator Culleton and his recent FOI request regarding The Crown and I shared the story of how I was detained by Federal Police when I went overseas recently and what's happening as a result.

135th Show 12/12/17 - We did an amazing, extremely detailed interview with Truckie Rob and Darryl updated us on Senator Culleton upcoming court case and why it is relevant to all Aussies. We answered a heap of e-mails from our members and listeners as well.

136th Show 19/12/17 - On our final show for the year we discussed Senator Culleton's hearing, Darryl detailed a quick and easy way to deal with a fine that arrives in the mail and we launched our exciting new Platinum Power Pack, as well as our special Christmas discount promotion.

137th Show 16/1/18 - On first show for the year. We discussed Senator Culleton's submissions, the latest push towards a cashless society, how to unplug from the banking system and earn money through crypto currencies and the details of our new live events.

138th Show 23/1/18 - We interviewed Hayden Bradford, from the Protect Victoria group about the out of control crime rate in Victoria, Darryl covered an important case regarding land ownership, we discussed the latest push to microchip people and we detailed our brand new live events on the Gold Coast.

139th Show 30/1/18 - Darryl gave us an update on Senator Culleton, we discussed the royal commission into banking and also touched on the Australia Act and the 1984 Referendum.

140th Show 6/2/18 - We announced that we are joining forces with Senator Culleton's team to create a new political party, we had a detailed discussion about the true role of the Queen and the Governor-General and we also provided more information on the importance of Proclamation Certificates as well.

141st Show 13/2/18 - We announced the new Great Australian Party is up and running. We covered info on Habeas Corpus and the Royal Commission into banking. We also reported on the recent Protect Victoria rally and we formally announced our live Sydney events as well.

142nd Show 20/2/18 - We discussed the shocking new 'bail in' laws that were just passed and what people can do about them. We also discussed a new group we are working with to help people get started with cryptocurrencies.

143rd Show 27/2/18 - We discussed the latest push by our government to rid Australians of all their money, we updated everyone on Senator Culleton, gave everyone a run down on our Gold Coat events and formally announced our Perth events.

144th Show 6/3/18 - We discussed the latest legislation that the government is pushing through, including jail terms for nurses who question vaccinations, new powers for Victorian councils to seize homes that don't comply with energy efficiency requirements and new police powers in QLD. We also discussed the important concept of judicial accountability.

145th Show 13/3/18 - We discussed the latest with the royal commission into banking, we explained the important Congress hearing in the US and the affect that it has on personal income tax here in Australia. We also gave everyone an update on Senator Culleton and we explained the Common Informers Act as well.

146th Show 20/3/18 - We detailed the full ramifications of the proposed new Local Government Act 2018, we gave everyone an update on senator Culleton's case and gave everyone a run down on the Batman by-election and our Sydney events as well.

147th Show 27/3/18 - We had huge show which covered the latest on Senator Culleton, a discussion about people's true position under the law in this country. We also discussed the "sovereign citizen" concept and gave everyone an update on the latest with the royal commission into banking as well.

148th Show 10/4/18 - We had huge show which covered the latest on Senator Culleton and an important discussion on UNIDROIT. We had an exciting interview with Truckie Mike, who shared his recent court experience with us and we also discussed the recent Four Corners story on the ATO and their disgraceful tactics.

149th Show 17/4/18 - We had another huge show which covered the latest on Senator Culleton and information on why the High Court has now been corrupted. We also touched on the fluoridation of our water supply, the latest on the banking royal commission and more info on and history of the ATO.

The guys at RAT FM have created a new poster/flyer for the Know Your Rights show. If you would like to help spread the word by downloading and printing off a few copies and putting them up in your office, shop windows etc. that would be very much appreciated. You can download a copy of that poster here.