Be careful of what you don’t know!

Everyone is at 3 different levels of understanding and knowledge in their lives:

They know what they know.

They know what they don’t know.

They don’t know what they don’t know.

The first is a very comfortable place to be because you’re very confident about what you know and understand, and you are happy to operate from that space. But, have you really given any thought to what other knowledge and experience there may be out there? When it comes to understanding your rights, it is important to be confident about your rights and to be able to exercise them in all areas that relate to you.

The second is a very balanced place to be because, again, you’re comfortable with what you know and understand, but you are also aware that there are other things that you do not yet know. You may be working towards learning them or you may have decided that they are not for you or you are not interested in them, but you are at least aware of them, which is important. Again, in relation to you understanding your rights, you may have done some study to date and be aware of certain aspects and have decided that other areas don’t apply to you or you don’t think you’ll need to know them.

The third place is the one that can cost you the most, though. This is where you have no idea about what you don’t know, haven’t even considered the possibility and, therefore, you have no idea what you may be missing out on. When it comes to your rights, this can be huge, and we urge you, no matter what level you’re at, no matter how much you ‘think’ you know, to spend some time going through our website to ensure that you’re not missing out on something major!

Some quick examples are:

Do you know how easy it is to successfully challenge all manner of fines? Traffic fines, un-registered dog fines, public transport, fines etc. Check out our Fines page for more info.

Do you know that personal tax is voluntary? Yes, many taxes are mandatory, but personal tax is not one of them! How much could you have saved if you knew this 5, 10, 20 years ago? How much could you save over the remainder of your working life if you get your head around this fact now? Check out our Tax page for further details.

Do you understand the actual steps – not all sorts of wild and crazy ‘theories’ that the internet is full of – behind the fraud that the banks commit every day? Do you know how simple it is to lawfully discharge any kind of unsecured debt – ie. Credit card or personal loan? How much debt could you eliminate from your life right now if you understood this important concept? And that’s before we even talk about your mortgage! Check out our Banking page to learn more.

Do you understand the power of the Commonwealth Constitution, right here, right now, in 2018? It’s not some dusty old book that you may remember hearing about in Form 5 legal studies, it is the highest law in the land that is still used in our courts and in Parliament today! The Commonwealth Constitution was highlighted in the media late last year and early this year when numerous federal senators were removed from office and, when you understand the true power of the Commonwealth Constitution, you can use it in all manner of legal arguments yourself. Check out our Constitution page to find out why this is absolutely vital reading.

As you can see, it is important to understand both what you know and what you don’t know. The Know Your Rights group website can help you to get your head around it all.

Who are the Know Your Rights group and how can we help you?

The Know Your Rights group is a community of passionate, like-minded people who are committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge, gained over many years, to inform and educate people about their rights in all areas of life. We recommend that you work your way through the various tabs and drop down menus that we have at the top of this website to see just how many areas we cover.

Before you do that though, please take a minute to watch our brief "Welcome" video below to get an overview of how this website can help you and what we are trying to ultimately achieve with it:

Our first aim is to wake people up to the TRUTH that the governments and those who are REALLY in power have been suppressing for many years. For those who are just starting down this path of “awakening”, we strongly recommend that you view the following video, from Scott Bartle, that really helps to expose the truth about the so-called “Australian government”:

We have a number of informative videos that we recommend that people watch and they can be found in the 80+ links contained in our e-book - "The essential, step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights." - which you can find out more about on Our E-Book page.

Our book - "The essential step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights."

Our fundamental goal here, at the Know Your Rights group, is to take the average person from the street through the process of understanding their rights and how their freedoms and liberties have been stolen from them, through to taking positive action and learning how to exercise and stand up for their new-found rights and, ultimately, to become masters of this information and then, in turn, help to awaken others.

We have some basic, but essential, information on this Home page, that we recommend you start with. Then, when you get your head around those principles, we suggest that you work your way through the various tabs on the top of this page to understand those specific topics a little better. And then, we suggest that you follow the available links in those other tabs to go to even more specialized websites that can help take you even further on your journey of awakening.

One of your first stops should be our free, weekly radio shows that go to air each Tuesday night. You can listen to them on-line off your computer, tablet or mobile phone via the Tune In app or via the link on our Radio Show page.

And, if you really want to take the next step on your journey of learning about your rights, we recommend that you take the time to read through our extremely comprehensive 87 page e-book - "The essential, step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights." - which you can find out more about on Our E-Book page.

And, if you have any doubts as to how powerful and effective our information really is, be sure to check out the video testimonials below to see what others think of our information:

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And, finally, if you would like to help us spread the word, please feel free to download this flyer and print off some copies and share them around.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy learning about your rights!

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