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Check out some great Alternative Health and Vitality options

A number of our members have mentioned that they would be interested in learning about alternative health and vitality products so we have created this page to showcase some that we have firsthand knowledge and experience with, and can confirm their effectiveness. They are also sponsors of our weekly radio show and we would urge you to support them, in the same way as they are supporting us.


Greener Cleaner

Greener Cleaner is now a major sponsor of our show and we have chosen to bring them on board as a result of a number of key products that they have. We interviewed the owner of greener Cleaner and you can click the audio player below to hear what he had to say about the power and effectiveness of his various products.


We urge you to click here and download some incredibly powerful testimonials from people who have had some dramatic results after using the Greener Cleaner Fulvic solution.



Their first, and primary product, is a fantastic environmentally friendly cleaning product that can genuinely save you money, as well as the environment. Be sure to read this page to see how you can benefit.


They also have some incredibly powerful Fulvic and Humic products that have been shown to have major benefits in a wide range of applications.

Be sure to read over some of the articles on this page to truly understand the powerful benefits of Fulvic and Humic products.


They even have an amazing product called "Unburn for Your Sunburn", which, as the name suggests, really helps with instances of sunburn that you or your family may experience.

This page has some great testimonials on the effectiveness of this great product.


Please be sure to visit their website for further details or, you can order products directly from their Shop page. Please note that you will need to register with them to be able to order your products and you will need to input the registration code KnowYourRights.



Alkaline Health

To be the master of your health, you need to be able to measure your current and future level of health. This is where Blood Health and Nutrition can help; we analyse your current level of health using blood Microscopy.

I knew that, despite taking some of the excellent health and well-being products covered on this page, that my health was far from optimal. I was truly shocked, and concerned, to see how bad things really were when Phil analysed my blood using his detailed 'blood microspcopy' techniques.

He showed me, clearly and scientifically why I was feeling the way I was and why I had the specific issues that I was experiencing. Thankfully, he also provided me with a detailed action plan on how to quickly and easily, significantly increase the health of my blood and, as a direct result, my health overall.

It was quite a confronting procedure but one that I definitely needed to experience to make my true state of health crystal clear and motivate me to take the necessary action to rectify things. I cannot recommend his service highly enough for those who are serious about their health and well-being.

To find out more and/or to book your appointment, please check out his website.



Verano Resort - Noosa

The gorgeous Verano Resort in Noosaville

Seriously, who couldn't do with a bit of a break nowadays? And, what better way to do it than at the gorgeous Verano Resort in Noosa!

With picturesque views to tropical gardens, views to Lake Weyba and the lush Noosa hillside, these Noosa Holiday apartments have been created to make the most of the natural surrounds, the unique atmosphere, and the lifestyle of leisure that Noosaville has to offer. Most units have 2 bedrooms so they can sleep up to 4 people.

The resort is located just 50 metres from the peaceful and tranquil Noosaville River and restaurant precinct. Or, for those who enjoy the more vibrant buzz of Main Beach and Hastings st, that's just 3km up the road.

The best bit is, if you contact the resort and book directly with them and say that you're form Know your Rights, you will get a further 10% off their already great prices. So, take a well-deserved break today and book an apartment at Verano resort Noosa, kick back and relax.

To find out more and/or to book your stay, please check out their website.



iCheck Property Inspections

iCheck Property Inspections

If you are is looking at purchasing a new home, call iCheck Property Inspections. We will thoroughly examine your future dream home and ensure that there are no hidden surprises that may turn that purchase into a money pit.

We look for termites, pests and all kinds of structural defects that may cost you money to repair.

Purchase your new home with confidence and no hidden surprises.

iCheck Property Inspections Better Inspections - Better Service.  0414 990 909



Mould Zappers

Is the mould in your house making you feel sick? ….

Mould is toxic…..that’s the reason why!

We at Mould Zappers, can help solve your problem Permanently!

We use only 100% natural products, designed specifically, to not put the health of you and your family at risk!

And it’s all environmentally friendly, unlike other chemically based products, which can be equally as toxic, as the mould.

Call me, Les, for a no obligation quote. 0410 480 673



Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is a revolutionary wholefood nutritional supplement that my family and I have found extremely beneficial over the past 3 years or so that we have been taking them.

My asthma has improved significantly, my instances of eczema are almost non-existent, I used to get shocking hayfever each year but don't any more and, given the crazy hours I put into this group, I was always getting sick but haven't had a full blown cold for longer than I can remember.

Our two boys have been on the kid's chews and their health and vitality has improved as well so our results have been great and you may experience similar results too.

We recommend that you have a look over our Juice Plus+ website to find out what Juice+ is all about and how it can help improve the health and vitality of you and your family.

You can also watch this very short (less than 1 minute) video that explains a little bit about what Juice Plus+ is all about.

There are numerous links on that page, explaining what all the various products are, there are some videos explaining how they are made and there are some excellent clinical research papers that you should definitely have a read through, if you are interested in finding out more.

If you want to find out any more about Juice Plus+, please feel free to e-mail us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The Juice Plus+ community is constantly growing and there are opportunities to connect with people on specific Juice Plus+ Facebook groups, to join up as a virtual franchisee, and even to earn a substantial income from it so, again, feel free to e-mail us to learn more.