Hard Copy E-Book Memberships

All our Hard Copy versions come professionally printed and bound and include a copy of all our pre-written letters, as well as links to other websites, videos and court cases for additional information, all on an accompanying References CD.

We also have an audio version of book, as well as a 4 x DVD set that includes a copy of a full day introductory seminar that we conducted, explaining a lot of this information in greater detail. You can add these onto your Hard Copy order via the options below.

Please note that all Hard Copy orders are sent out via Express Post so you will receive them within a day or so of placing your order.

All hard copy Memberships also include access to our Member's Only forum, where you can log in and ask questions at any time as well.

And remember that our e-books come with a full 30 day money back guarantee! That means you have a full month to read through our e-book and implement the strategies that we provide and, if you're not 100% convinced that the information that we provide is everything we say it is, and more, simply let us know and we will give you a full refund (less P&H)!

As you can see, we take all the risk for you so grab a copy of our truly revealing book right now!

Please select the hard copy option that best suits your needs from the choices below:


Know Your Rights Hard Copy Option 1

Hard Copy Book + References CD



Know Your Rights Hard Copy Option 2

Hard copy book, References CD + 3 x Auidobook CDs



Know Your Rights Hard Copy Option 3

Hard copy book, References CD + 4 x live seminar DVD pack



Know Your Rights Hard Copy Option 4

Hard copy book, References CD, 3 x Auidobook CDs + 4 x live seminar DVD pack


Know Your Rights Hard Copy Option 5

This is for those who signed up as a digital e-book member but now want to upgrade to the hard copy version at our cost price, which includes P&H via Express Post. You can ONLY order this option if you are an EXISTING digital e-book member and want to UPGRADE to the Hard Copy!

We have been inundated with requests for a link whereby people can buy all 3 physical books - our Know Your Rights book, the Aussie Speeding Fines book and the Bank Secrets Revealed book.

As we are all separate groups, there has previously been no simple way to do that but we have now done a deal with those groups and, by clicking the link below, you can order all 3 books at once and save 10% by having them all packaged up at the same time, and only requiring one lot of postage through our order fulfillment centre. Please note that a single amount of $14.95 for P&H via Express Post will be added upon checkout.








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We have also done a very special deal where you can get all 3 books, plus the Data CDs, the audiobook CDs and the Seminar DVDs that each group has as well, at almost $100 off  what it would cost to purchase them all individually! Please read the full product description here if that is of interest to you.









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Please be sure to watch the clarification video below which explains exactly what information is covered in each of the 3 different books.