Financial Protection

People often ask us what they can do to protect themselves financially and, whilst we have some information on our Tax page we are often asked about more pro-active steps.

We have found that the following structures are of interest to many people:

Trusts – for asset protection
SMSF – to take control of your own super and retirement

Now, setting up these structures requires specific, detailed knowledge and, whilst we generally recommend learning about your rights and freedoms and taking action yourself, in certain cases you really need the assistance of people who know what they are doing.

Accordingly, we have now connected with the Operate in the Private group, who are experts in setting up trusts and self managed super funds. They have been setting up these structures for many years now, and they know the importance of ensuring that the paperwork is done properly so that the structures are effective.

We know that many of the people who come to our site have ended up here, not only because they want to learn about their rights and their freedoms, but also, in many cases, because they are facing financial difficulty in one area or another.

As a result, we have negotiated some extremely competitive prices with the Operate in the Private group and they are committed to working with us to ensure that those who are interested in learning about and standing up for their rights are given the absolute best possible price in respect of having these protective structures set up for them.

So, if you are interested in learning more about trusts or self managed super funds, then please go to this website – - to find out more. Please note that this website has been set up specifically for Know Your Rights followers, so you can be sure that you are getting the best information at the best possible price.